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Gallery Test ~ Last Day @ DLSJUBM

31 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Gallery Test ~ Last Day @ DLSJUBM

Just installed a Word Press gallery plugin, testing it out!


Okay, finished testing. Looks all right to me, I think I will use this gallery plugin after all.

Decided to use NextGEN Gallery instead of myGallery:

Enemy Territory : Quake Wars 1.2 released! Rank 7k++ now!

31 Oct 2007 | PC |  Comments Off on Enemy Territory : Quake Wars 1.2 released! Rank 7k++ now!

31 October 2007

Morning – Woke up 7:00am, drank lots of water as usual, went to toilet to unload my morning crap as normal, daily morning routine. Finished crapping, turn off Bit Comet downloads, proceed to turn on Enemy Territory : Quake Wars to relieve my morning fraggin’ kicks. Then I realized that a new version was out, time to update! No fraggin’ this morning, boo hoo! >_<

Visit the Enemy Territory : Quake Wars Official Community Site for the official change log as well as a list of mirrors to download the huge 283MB patch. I am getting mine from fileplanet as usual, maybe I am just used to using it, after using it for all these years.

There is also a developer blog update posted a few days earlier, apparently on 25 October 2007. Guess I would known earlier if I frequented the official community site often, duh. >_<

Other than the above, I am ranked 7k~8k now! Wohoo! Let the fraggi’ continue!

Old friends, HGL Preorder, The Last Legion

29 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

27 October 2007, Saturday

Morning – Wei Lee came over last night, started up Super Mario 3 for her before I left. Drove darling to Menara SBB to meet up with Siew Ching, darling went up to get the fax for the Dermatologist at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar. After darling got into Siew Ching’s car, I headed off to the office. I decided to work on the company’s website upon, and started to find some suitable Word Press themes for it as I installed Word Press yesterday. Chatted with some old friends, namely Nick Liew and Siew Teng. Nick became quite an animal, I thought to myself. Siew Teng is doing okay in Singapore, he suggested to me to do an IPO, hah! Maybe later, when the opportunity arises.

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Redang Talk, Master Guo Returns

26 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Redang Talk, Master Guo Returns

26 October 2007, Friday

Morning – Nothing much interesting.

Afternoon – During lunch, I talked with Ah Fai about Pulau Redang, actually Ah Fai did most of the talking, I listened and asked questions. Apparently his company organizes annual company trips, Ah Fai already been to Pulau Redang twice, and this year they went to Pulau Langkawi. How Li suggested our company to organize company trips too, haha!

Late Afternoon – Master Guo came back with the “Business Charm” or “Fu”, got 2 of ’em. One to put inside Dad’s wallet, the other to stick onto the wall on top of the door outside our office. He also brought some biscuits, looks yummy.

Back pain slightly better / Discussion about development in Raub

25 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Back pain slightly better / Discussion about development in Raub

25 October 2007, Thursday

Morning – Reached office about 10 minutes before 9.00am, checked my TITUS watch, the time seem to be incorrect, way too slow, I corrected it to match the current time. Back pain slightly better today, hopefully it get wells soon.

Afternoon – Lunch with Ah Fai and How Li, found out that his car’s rear end got smacked by a Mat Saleh. That Mat Saleh is quite a generous fellow, gave Ah Fai RM700.00 for repairs upon request. I then shared with them about my darling’s brother’s encounter with local Tamils in Kepong, that time, Woei Lun’s (my darling Weon Chee’s brother) car got hit by some Tamil dudes in Kepong, those fools did not apologize or offer to == flash games download link, click here for flash games download links and screen shots ==

Back Pack! Again! Argh!

24 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Back Pack! Again! Argh!

24 October 2007, Wednesday

The pain in my back seem to have intensified when I woke up this morning, perhaps a mild case of flu plus inherent back pain problem caused some implications. Must observe proper sitting postures now, or else I dread to think of what terrible things would befall me.

Hellgate : London killed my RAM

23 Oct 2007 | Flash, Hellgate : London, Personal |  2 comments

Today is the day, for the first time in my life that a beta game client actually killed my RAM! In the past, I have experienced a situation before where I fried my graphic card by flashing the wrong bios. This time, however, is the first time where after I experience ultra cool graphics, the PC started to have problems.

For example, Enemy Territory : Quake Wars started to crash to desktop for no good reason, same goes to Guild Wars. Guild Wars was so nice and even suggested that my processor could be faulty.

After discussing with bro, I suspect that the RAM could have died. Bro commented that the heat from the processor and graphics card probably cooked the RAM. After taking out the RAMs piece by piece, and experimenting with individual RAM pieces, I came to the conclusion that the pair of 256MB mushkin RAMS that me bro bought for it is faulty.

Bloody Flagship Studios made a beta game client that killed my RAM, brilliant aye?

Master Guo – RM210, RM1250

22 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Master Guo – RM210, RM1250

22 October 2007

Afternoon – Around 3.45pm came Master Guo, this time he took RM210.00, the cost for implementing a “Fu” (Charm) for Dad. Standard rules apply, i.e. cannot come into contact with water, delivery rooms, but can be brought to funeral services without any problem.

Besides that, there is also a “coffin donation” of RM1,250.00 for a old lady who passed away in an old folks home in Melaka. Quite a hefty amount if you ask me. RM105, RM210, RM1250, guess I will be reporting these figures to Master Lim in due time.