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Discussion with bro about blogging

9 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Discussion with bro about blogging

Had a short discussion with me bro about blogging, gave me some tips and pointers. Nice bro I have. ^_^

Recommended me the following sites:





He told me that, if my site manages to make it to the front page of digg.com, I would get many hits to my site if that happened, and my site would die if my host’s server is not powerful enough.

Bro mentioned that any interesting articles or images would do, as we saw an screen shot of a “Happy Hamster” earlier.

http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Happy_Hamster – This is the Digg.com link.

http://www.hubhive.com/happy-hamster – This is the link to the site with the screenie.

And here’s the image that I downloaded off the site!

Happy Hamster

I reckon that my doggies are cute enough, took some screenies of ’em last night, would work on ’em soon. After all, 2 of them are quite old already. I would like to have more photos of ’em for good old memories’ sake, hopefully they would be still alive and kicking for the coming few years.

A relaxed Deepavali ……

8 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on A relaxed Deepavali ……

8 November 2007, Thursday

Morning – Woke up around 6:30am, darling and her sister are still sound asleep, without wasting any more precious time, I proceed to get up and out of my bedroom, into my computer chair outside. Its gaming time! Yeah!

I played a fair bit of Hellgate : London and leveled up my Hunter Engineer to… eh I can’t remember what level I leveled him up to, but he is level 20 now. Anyway, I stopped after some time around 8am something as I need to unload my morning crap. I played Enemy Territory : Quake Wars after that instead, I always find team based first person shooters to be exciting.

It was a relaxed morning, I gamed on without any major interruption. We went out to ONS in Seapark, Petaling Jaya for lunch later.

Afternoon – We had a rather late lunch, reached ONS about 1pm something. Hunting for a table to settle down as usual, I noticed a table that is finishing. However, I simply could not help notice that this particular table has a couple of retarded looking folks. Okay, maybe calling them “retarded” is not exactly polite and nice, perhaps referring them as “person of subnormal intelligence” is more polite and sounds nicer eh?

As soon as we “secured” the table, a lady asked how many people we have and politely requested if they could share the table with us, to which we joyfully agreed. The table is quite big after all, it certainly ain’t nice to hog the table to ourselves.

As we ate along, they chatted to one another in English. “Them must be English educated folks.” I thought to myself. Their group comprises of a young not-bad-looking-somewhat-attractive lady with spectacles and both her visibly aged mum and dad, while our group is just me, darling and her sis.

One of their topics revolve around Honda cars, they were discussing about Honda car keys and alarm system, that the Honda car keys can only be duplicated by official Honda car centers. I did not know about this, guess I learn something new today.

Nothing much interesting occurred after that, her sis was studying for her Saturday morning test, I helped out a bit by explaining to her some of that stuffs that I know. She’s having Management and Web Page test, I’m a bit proficient in Web Page myself so I can share my knowledge with her. After that I helped darling out with her “UOB questionnaire”, if you ever wondered how dependent some people can get… >_<

Anyway, it is a good thing that I helped her out, because after that I get to help myself with gaming! Uninterrupted PC Gaming experience is a rare commodity for me nowadays, sad but true aye. Hence, time is of the essence for me and I appreciate every moment.

Evening – Darling soon discovered that one of the doodads that she bought earlier was “faulty”, and we went to Berjaya Times Square later that evening after we finished our diner, to get a replacement, of course. To our dismay, there was no more stock for that particular item, thus darling decided to purchase new clothing instead.

I had to whip out my N-Gage QD and concentrate on my game, or else I will concentrate on Anna’s assets. She was wearing a very low cut shirt, and and I think I will stop writing about it here.


We went to “Station Kopitiam” after that and order 2 “Roti Bakar Sets” which consist of a drink, two pieces of bread sandwiched with kaya and butter and 2 eggs. The prices there are quite reasonable, can be considered cheap when compared with the other eateries in Berjaya Times Square. Darling commented that she went to the “Station Kopitiam” in Plaza Damas before, the one that I failed to bring her to one day and got scolded. >_<

Well, I got scolded again that night, for having “no manners” by “taking too much of her sister’s ice in her tea-ais drink without asking first”. She got fired up real quick, luckily for me, she cooled down rather quickly as well. I am sort of somewhat getting used to these quick and sudden outbursts, but it is getting rather old. Endure the scoldings, I must! Gah. >_<

Journey back home was peaceful, I’m glad

Hellgate : London vs Guild Wars

7 Nov 2007 | Flash, Guild Wars, Hellgate : London |  47 comments

A week had passed since the official world wide launch of Hellgate : London, an over hyped PC Game developed by Flagship Studios, founded by former executives of Blizzard North, a division of Blizzard Entertainment.

Given that ArenaNet was also founded by former employees of Blizzard, why don’t we compare the two offsprings and see who got the better genes –

Hellgate : London vs Guild Wars, let the showdown begin! == flash games download link, click here for flash games download links and screen shots ==

Installed new WordPress theme

7 Nov 2007 | Personal |  3 comments

Did a google search for “WordPress Themes Adsense” and came across this site:

http://www.doshdosh.com/16-adsense-optimize …… -textual-ad-earnings/

Then I proceed to download and install the following WordPress Theme:


The reason for this was that I was having some difficulty trying to get Google Adsense properly implemented in the K2 WordPress Theme.

Well, this theme looks quite okay to me, maybe after some modifications and I will settle for this theme once and for all.

Intercept GDF Hammer With a RL!!

6 Nov 2007 | PC |  3 comments

A really cool video of a GDF Hammer missile intercepted with a GDF Rocket Launcher!

Why Women Cry

6 Nov 2007 | Miscellaneous |  Comments Off on Why Women Cry

Disclaimer: I do not claim authorship for the following article. All articles posted under category “Email Forwards” are email forwards that I received from time to time.

Why Women Cry

Crying Woman

A little boy asked his mother, ‘Why are you crying?’
‘Because I’m a woman,’ she told him.
‘I don’t understand,’ he said.
His Mom just hugged him and said, ‘And you never will.’

== flash games download link, click here for flash games download links and screen shots ==

The phone call!!! – Just watch!!!

5 Nov 2007 | Miscellaneous |  Comments Off on The phone call!!! – Just watch!!!

Disclaimer: I do not claim authorship for the following article. All articles posted under category “Email Forwards” are email forwards that I received from time to time.



Best Maid Plans

Times Square Sunday

4 Nov 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Times Square Sunday

4 November 2007, Sunday

Morning – Woke up, played Hellgate : London for a bit I think, or at least until 8:30am, then I proceed to unload my crap and then walk my beloved doggies. After that I think we did some house keeping, tidied up and cleaned up our room a bit, with Maria assisting us, of course.

I played my fair share of PC gaming while the girls amused themselves with the new Hong Kong drama I downloaded, win-win eh?

== flash games download link, click here for flash games download links and screen shots ==