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Times Square Sunday

4 Nov 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Times Square Sunday

4 November 2007, Sunday

Morning – Woke up, played Hellgate : London for a bit I think, or at least until 8:30am, then I proceed to unload my crap and then walk my beloved doggies. After that I think we did some house keeping, tidied up and cleaned up our room a bit, with Maria assisting us, of course.

I played my fair share of PC gaming while the girls amused themselves with the new Hong Kong drama I downloaded, win-win eh?

Afternoon – After a meager lunch which consisted of porridge and some veggies, we left home for Berjaya Times Square. We are to meet up with my darling’s course mates, “Miss Fingernail” and her secretary. Porridge alone definitely ain’t good enough to hold our tummies, and darling’s sister’s tummy is requesting for more food input again. We went to Mc Donalds, managed to secure ourselves a table, in which I ordered some meals and thus we feasted.

They still haven’t come after we gobbled down our food, and so we checked out Celeb Fashion and Big Apple, and bought quite a number of clothes and dresses etc. I was feeling a bit tired, woozy, dunno what was wrong with me back then. I think it was almost 4pm something when we finally met up with them, we settled down in Mc Donalds again and chatted. Miss Fingernail shared with us her experience of tuiysening a couple of students, one is a smart but somewhat lazy Indonesian kid studying in a Chinese primary school, the other a dumb, lazy and spoilt Chinese kid who played too much video games, I think.

Evening – We reached home about 7pm and had dinner, after darling went back to her office to pick up some thingies. Nothing much interesting during that night, I guess, just myself gaming a bit, and they watched the drama, which I joined in and watched as well. Interesting new drama, I thought.

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