Who? What? Where? When? Why?
1. Who is Deimos Tel`Arin?
2. What is ahkong.net?
3. Where is ahkong.net?
4. When is ahkong.net established?
5. Why the name ahkong.net?

1. Who is Deimos Tel`Arin? (Top)
Deimos Tel`Arin is the blogger who currently maintaining this blog – ahkong.net

2. What is ahkong.net? (Top)
It is the domain of Deimos Tel`Arin in cyberspace.

A place to download flash games and PC games.

3. Where is ahkong.net? (Top)
This blog ahkong.net is hosted in dedicated web server.

4. When is ahkong.net established ? (Top)
The domain name ahkong.net was registered on 31 December 2003, but it was until some time in October 2007 when Deimos started to use WordPress and start blogging. It was until July 2008 when Deimos started to focus in blogging about flash games related articles that caused this blog to receive more and more flash games related search engine traffic.

5. Why the name ahkong.net? (Top)
A short domain name should be easier to remember, with only six (6) characters and pronounced as ah-kong-dot-net which is similar to goo-gle-dot-com and others having only four (4) “sections” when pronouncing them.