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Back pain slightly better / Discussion about development in Raub

25 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Back pain slightly better / Discussion about development in Raub

25 October 2007, Thursday

Morning – Reached office about 10 minutes before 9.00am, checked my TITUS watch, the time seem to be incorrect, way too slow, I corrected it to match the current time. Back pain slightly better today, hopefully it get wells soon.

Afternoon – Lunch with Ah Fai and How Li, found out that his car’s rear end got smacked by a Mat Saleh. That Mat Saleh is quite a generous fellow, gave Ah Fai RM700.00 for repairs upon request. I then shared with them about my darling’s brother’s encounter with local Tamils in Kepong, that time, Woei Lun’s (my darling Weon Chee’s brother) car got hit by some Tamil dudes in Kepong, those fools did not apologize or offer to compensate for the damage they caused, instead they called in their gang of mofos and threatened Woei Lun. Mofos. We (me, How Li & Fai) had “Lo Mee” for lunch, I discovered that I do not really fancy Lo Mee that much. I asked Fai if he would be interested in operating his own business one day, in which he replied he would be, but definitely would not be operating his own auditor firm. When he asked me back, I said that if I got the capital, I would attempt to establish and operate a cyber cafe, to which he shared with us that he share the same idea as well, though he is of opinion that the cyber cafe business in Malaysia cannot sustain for long, only for say 10-20 years. Later we talked about computer games and I end up introducing him to Enemy Territory : Quake Wars, he seem pretty interested in it after listening to what I said about ET : QW. Owned.

Late Afternoon – A couple of guys came over to the office, one of them being Dad’s sub-contractor. They discussed about some possible development in Raub, about a land owner wanting to sell off his land, and these dudes supposedly gotten the local authorities approval to build a petrol station on that land, but lack the fundings to do so, need a million or more, they said. Dad suggested to Joint-Venture with the land owner to develop some sell-able thingies, like shops, etc

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