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Old friends, HGL Preorder, The Last Legion

29 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

27 October 2007, Saturday

Morning – Wei Lee came over last night, started up Super Mario 3 for her before I left. Drove darling to Menara SBB to meet up with Siew Ching, darling went up to get the fax for the Dermatologist at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar. After darling got into Siew Ching’s car, I headed off to the office. I decided to work on the company’s website upon, and started to find some suitable Word Press themes for it as I installed Word Press yesterday. Chatted with some old friends, namely Nick Liew and Siew Teng. Nick became quite an animal, I thought to myself. Siew Teng is doing okay in Singapore, he suggested to me to do an IPO, hah! Maybe later, when the opportunity arises.

Afternoon – Had a work discussion cum conversation with Dad around 12pm something, talked about quotation items for sub-contractors, bicycles technologies etc. Left office around 1:15pm, headed off to The Software Boutique in SS2 to pay for my Hellgate : London pre-order. Turns out that they have a few “sample” game boxes there, actual game boxes, but for display purposes only. Almost as usual, I bought the collectors edition. Reached home about 2:00pm, bathed, ate nice mee that Mum cooked and stiry-fried, played some Enemy Territory : Quake Wars until 3:10pm, in which we (me, darling and her sis) left for One-Utama, as darling had a manicure appointment in “Glitters”.

We were intercepted by Citibank credit card salesmen on our way to “Glitters”, darling ended up applying for a Citibank AirAsia Visa credit card. I declined politely, of course. I took her sis to our Laksa shop, the one right next to Johnny’s, I can’t seem to remember that shop’s name. I ordered ice-kacang and later realized that I should not take up cold food. >_< While we were dining in there, we saw 3 young girls outside playing with a kitten, or to be more precise, “taking care” of a kitten. The kitten is very small, and would probably die if left unattended.

Evening – 6pm something, we had our dinner at Dragon-i restaurant, darling’s sour and spicy ramee does not taste that nice, as the soup is too spicy for us to handle. The rest of the dishes are excellent, however. We went into the cinema at 6:50pm for the movie we booked a day earlier – The Last Legion. The movie lasted for about an hour and half, quite entertaining, not a bad movie after all. Nice blend of action with adequate amount of comedy thrown in the right situations, a bit gory and violent at times though.


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