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Hellgate : London killed my RAM

23 Oct 2007 | Flash, Hellgate : London, Personal |  2 comments

Today is the day, for the first time in my life that a beta game client actually killed my RAM! In the past, I have experienced a situation before where I fried my graphic card by flashing the wrong bios. This time, however, is the first time where after I experience ultra cool graphics, the PC started to have problems.

For example, Enemy Territory : Quake Wars started to crash to desktop for no good reason, same goes to Guild Wars. Guild Wars was so nice and even suggested that my processor could be faulty.

After discussing with bro, I suspect that the RAM could have died. Bro commented that the heat from the processor and graphics card probably cooked the RAM. After taking out the RAMs piece by piece, and experimenting with individual RAM pieces, I came to the conclusion that the pair of 256MB mushkin RAMS that me bro bought for it is faulty.

Bloody Flagship Studios made a beta game client that killed my RAM, brilliant aye?

Master Guo – RM210, RM1250

22 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Master Guo – RM210, RM1250

22 October 2007

Afternoon – Around 3.45pm came Master Guo, this time he took RM210.00, the cost for implementing a “Fu” (Charm) for Dad. Standard rules apply, i.e. cannot come into contact with water, delivery rooms, but can be brought to funeral services without any problem.

Besides that, there is also a “coffin donation” of RM1,250.00 for a old lady who passed away in an old folks home in Melaka. Quite a hefty amount if you ask me. RM105, RM210, RM1250, guess I will be reporting these figures to Master Lim in due time.

CIMB Gang ~ Genting Trip

20 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on CIMB Gang ~ Genting Trip

20 October 2007, Saturday

Morning – Went to Dentist around 8:30am, waited until 9.0am before we got started, it was around 11.00am when we are finished there, it appeared that I have 7 teeth that needs to be “fixed”, i.e. require “filling”. Anyway, while we were there, Datin told us about this “Toast Masters International”, something like a society for public speaking thingies. Sounds interesting, they hold fortnightly gatherings inside the IEM building on every alternate Thursdays.

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3 useful sites…

19 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on 3 useful sites…




Came across these sites while looking for html tutorials, some useful articles to refer to.

Meeting Day Thursday

19 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Meeting Day Thursday

18 October 2007, Thursday

Morning – Discussed with Dad about the lawyer’s letter, after a short round of discussion we decided to further discuss it with Mr. Tam when he arrives later. Ah Wa came in around 10am something with a painter and worked on the room at the back, a while later he proceed to discuss with Dad about the Ipoh steel factory issue. I sat in and listened to what they have to talk about, 3 gu called in halfway through the discussion, I answered the call, she asked about if Dad is busy or not, I told her Dad is having a discussion with Ah Wa about the steel factory. Also told her that I am sitting in the discussion, she sounded a bit weird, as if she cried or something, must be my imagination.

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Top 10,000! Yeah! (Enemy Territory : Quake Wars)

18 Oct 2007 | PC |  Comments Off on Top 10,000! Yeah! (Enemy Territory : Quake Wars)

18 October 2007, Thursday

I think I have a bit too much of Enemy Territory : Quake Wars, been playing it everyday since I got my copy from The Software Boutique. Check out the screen shot attached below:

Top 10,000! Wohoo!

The actual url would be: http://stats.enemyterritory.com/leaders/total/total_xp?page=380

However, the actual ranking would probably fluctuate often, since xp are easily obtainable. Just join any ranked servers and start fraggin’, its fraggin’ time yo!


Again, the above url shows all my achievements in Enemy Territory : Quake Wars. I’m a Corporal now, heheh. All new players start off as a Conscript, Private, Private First Class, then Corporal.

Top 5,000 Icarus pilot

Besides being in the top 10,000 now, I am also a rank 4,700++ Icarus pilot! Woot!

Top 1,500 Obliterator player!

Rank 1,200++ Obliterator player! Wohoo!

Discussion with brother about newteque.com

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  1 comment

17 October 2007, Wednesday

Late evening – Around 11:30pm, just finished chatting with bro about our drafted web site http://newteque.com/

He gave me a few web sites of Aussie developers to refer to:




Also mentioned to use CSS, <div> tag, layers etc. Recommended me to use Dreamweaver or NVU. Must read up some tutorials then get started to revamp the site.

A visit from Cousin bro ……

17 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on A visit from Cousin bro ……

17 October 2007, Wednesday

Morning – About 10 am something, my cousin brother – Ng Kim Aik came to our office. He had some application that needs to be signed by my Dad, after that they proceed to discuss on the reinforced concrete panel design for APARTMEN IMPIAN.

Afternoon – We had lunch together, Kim Aik, How Li, Fai and me. Talked about work and experience, nice lunch outing. Further conversation with cousin bro revealed that his old back pain problem struck again, luckily his mum (My Da gu) helped him out by massaging the correct area, using a chopstick. We came back to the office around 1pm and they (Dad and Kim Aik) continued with their discussion on the panel design.

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