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Oh my Sapphire Ring, no more ……

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  1 comment

17 October 2007, Wednesday

There is this Chinese saying that goes like this : “Trouble does not travel alone” and I must agree that this statement is quite true to some extent, especially if we are unable to manage our fiery emotions and snapped, even if we are alone, damage could still be done.

For example, my darling blew a fuse (She got pissed off at me again because I failed to act within time, i.e. I have yet to move after a few seconds after she told me to do something.) this morning. I was not happy, because I believe I did not did anything wrong, but I received shit treatment from her. I banged the car window again, miraculously the window did not break. Shortly after that, when I feel my finger for the sapphire ring as usual, it felt odd, and so I take a good look at it, oh great, the sapphire stone is gone.

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Back Pain!

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Back Pain!

17 October 2007, Tuesday

I think it is becoming serious, my back pain, duh!

This morning, I was lying down on the floor in our bedroom waiting for my darling to come out of the toilet so we can go to work. Darling came out, told me to search her bag. I tried to get up, but the back pain caused some complications. Darling thought I was trying to be funny and she got pissed off and scolded me. Being a short fuse she is, she blew up momentarily, no thanks to me adding flame to the heated situation. (I told her to walk to office, but I picked her up anyway.)

Now, whenever I bend down, my back aches, this is serious, shit! Too much gaming on the floor, I need to stop that. Perhaps it is time to relocated my computer again, definitely to higher ground! Duh!

How am I to rectify this problem? Perhaps I can start by spending more time lying down on the CERAGEM machine and no more sitting down on the floor to play games, duh!

Oh my back! Must save it! Arghh! Better rectify this back problem before darling finds out, she will murder me if she finds out, totally. No doubt about that.

Master Guo again ……

16 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Master Guo again ……

16 October 2007, Tuesday

Morning – Master Guo came again, this time I sat in Dad’s room and listened to what he said. From what I have gathered so far, it appears that Master Guo is collecting about RM105 per month from Dad for several months already. As Master Lim mentioned before that if the sum is not that big, then might as well let it be. Would consult with Master Lim again regarding this matter.

Afternoon – Lunch, tried out the Prawn Mee stall this time, the soup ain’t that special, probably would not try it again. Mister Tam was in the office when we (Me and How Li) came back, we chatted for a while and he slightly briefed me about the history of our project “APARTMEN IMPIAN”.

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A Visit to Celeb Fashion ……

11 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on A Visit to Celeb Fashion ……

We went to Celeb Fashion in Berjaya Times Square yesterday, my darling figured that we should go out since Mum and Dad went out to attend a dinner function.

The only familiar faces we saw there were Raine and Anna, after browsing for a while and trying out some clothes, my darling decided to purchase a bag and a tank top. The bill ended up RM 110.87

The journey back home was quite smooth, not much traffic congestion at all.

Damn birds!

10 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Damn birds!

This morning, Dad went to Tang Ling Clinic to have his blood checked, so he came into the office around 10 something.

I talked to How Li (Our Accounts Clerk) regarding “Master Guo” and found out that this “Master Guo” had been visiting Dad quite frequently, often on a monthly basis, she mentioned that there was a period which “Master Guo” visited Dad daily!

However, she said that all monies and cheques given to this “Master Guo” are personal and not through the company. Guess I will have to dig up Dad’s bank statement to find out the exact amount.

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Quake Wars : Enemy Territory

9 Oct 2007 | PC, Personal |  Comments Off on Quake Wars : Enemy Territory

I have been playing this new game recently, check out my stats at the following link :-


As usual, I bought my copy at The Software Boutique, at a retail price of RM199 for a “Limited Collector’s Edition”. Given the slightly steep price of this limited collector’s edition, the game box is rather crappy.

First off, 1 out of 10 of the “Collector Cards” got stuck to the game box, due to sloppy adhesive tape placement. After a few days, the box itself started to fall apart. The game box production team should have used better adhesive material. Blah. At least I am having fun fragging people online.

A Visit to Master Lim ……

9 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on A Visit to Master Lim ……

It was around 4:30pm and just started to rain before I left the office, not wasting any more time I quickly drove out to fetch my darling. The traffic was slightly congested when I reached the Semantan junction. Fortunately for me, I made it just in time as she was just coming down to the main entrance.

The road to Master Lim’s place was pretty congested as usual, however today’s journey can be considered quite fast as it was raining heavily. We reached there before 6pm and proceed to seek out Master Lim.

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A day at work ……

9 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on A day at work ……

Finally finished calculating the estimate for the factory.

Pending discussion with dad.

Around 12pm, Ah Wa and Ah Lam dropped by to discuss the Rawang Steel Factory matters with Dad, I went out to lunch alone as usual. Today’s lunch costed me RM 3.80.

Worked on the new “UBS-Server” in the afternoon, its finally ready. Time to work on the rest of the computers.

Chatted a bit with the Accounts Clerk – Lim How Li, found out that she is from Kelantan, but grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

Almost 4:30pm, time to go out and fetch my darling – Weon Chee.