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A Visit to Master Lim ……

9 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on A Visit to Master Lim ……

It was around 4:30pm and just started to rain before I left the office, not wasting any more time I quickly drove out to fetch my darling. The traffic was slightly congested when I reached the Semantan junction. Fortunately for me, I made it just in time as she was just coming down to the main entrance.

The road to Master Lim’s place was pretty congested as usual, however today’s journey can be considered quite fast as it was raining heavily. We reached there before 6pm and proceed to seek out Master Lim.

My darling asked about her job as usual, and I was glad to find out that my darling would not be leaving me (going back to work in Setiawan) after all. For myself, I asked Master Lim about this particular “Master Guo” which have been visiting my Dad from time to time. After discussing with Master Lim, we concluded that this “Master Guo” is probably scamming my Dad.

I will proceed with my investigations to find out more about this matter.

The journey back home was an agonizing test of patience as we were stuck on the road with an extremely congested traffic for almost an hour. It was a bumper to bumper crawl before we reached the roundabout.

We reached home about 8pm and had dinner.

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