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Visiting Master Lim Saturday Night

2 Feb 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Visiting Master Lim Saturday Night

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, work routine
– Lunch at office, home cooked by 3rd Aunt
– Worked until 4pm-ish, got home quickly
– Was supposed to go find Master Lim today
– Darling wanted some consultation regarding her fortune for the coming year
– We left home to seek out Master Lim after dinner
– On the way there, Darling got totally pissed off because of something I said
– Being a Veteran 90/10 Principle Practitioner, I managed to control my emotions
– I believe that not an ounce of anger was produced, I am impressed by myself
– Got there around 7pm-ish, proceed to receive consultation
– Said that Darling’s fortune will change for the better, after Chinese New Year
– For myself, I need to keep my cool, continue to control my emotions well
– Also I am not to take any risks, especially if involving tonnes of moolah
– Master Lim appears confident that I will succeed in my ventures
– Hence, I must work hard and smart in order to work my way to the top
– Drove over to Berjaya Times Square, visited Celeb Fashion
– Grabbed a handful of new clothes, she did
– Fast forward back home, evening routine, bed time, Zzzzzzzzz………….

Same unknown lady, I got tonnes of her screenies, expect to see her for quite a while.
Anyone able to recognize this lady yet?

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