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Jamming back to Kuala Lumpur Sunday

2 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Went to bed at 3am
– Got “scolded” by Darling’s Dad for staying up so late
– Darling’s Mum and Dad are Kok Kuih makers
– Kok Kuih makers go to bed and wake up very early
– Slept until 7am, woke up
– Blogga blogga blog blog (Hot Damn! I am so addicted to this new found hobbie)
– Passed morning motion at 8am
– Darling haven’t wake up
– Morning routines more or less the same
– Blogga blog
– Darling woke up after 8:30am
– Was 9am when she is done
– Drove to nearby eatery and Tar Pau-ed Mee Rebus for RM 2.30 per one pack
– Shared Mee Rebus with Darling
– Blogga blog
– 12:30pm Drove out to Lumut after lunch
– Bought some hasil laut
– Went to find Cindy Nga our beautician after we acquired the hasil-hasil laut
– Appointment with Cindy at 2:00pm
– Bought Cendol from a famous stall
– Reached her joint
– Darling went into the room to have her panda eyes treatment
– I proceed to take a nap
– Played with the package of Cendol first
– Attempting to make Cendol Shake
– Cendol was tied up firmly
– Shakity shake shake shake
– Had enough fun with that
– Dozed off, dead tired since only slept for 4 hours
– Zzzzzz dreamless afternoon nap, I think
– Woke up around 3:15pm
– Darling finished her panda eyes treatment priced at RM 800.00
– We went back to Darling’s home in Ayer Tawar around 3:30pm
– Reached home around 4pm
– Bathie time! Wohoo!
– Since it is bloody hot at that time
– I decided to take a cold shower
– No water heaters involved
– 4:20pm still got some time so blogga blog blog
– After I packed up my thingies of course
– Dinner at 5pm, Darling’s Mum bought some fried mee
– I continued to pack thingies into car
– Darling fired a shot at me for being unsatisfactory performance
– A good chance to practice the 90/10 Principle but I kinda blew it
– Multitudes of verbal assaults followed as we got into the car
– The old me would have ripped Darling apart
– And of course deeply regret it later
– Somewhat evolved me manages to react in a somewhat reasonably rational manner
– Though the volume of speech might have increased a bit
– I am not fully evolved yet, hence the imperfections
– After a while, I realized i am indeed wrong
– My error is producing some bubbles when Darling shot me just now
– Glad I realized that error and I made apologies to her
– After a while she seems to have somewhat cooled down, for that I am most glad
– Reached Changkat Keruing before 6pm
– Picked up 2nd Aunt and 3rd Aunt
– I blasted at them a bit for bringing back so many thingies
– Failed attempt at practicing the 90/10 Principle here
– I reacted a bit after seeing so many thingies they want to bring out to Kuala Lumpur
– Hot damn! This 90/10 Principle is sure hard to practice aye?
– And so the journey back to Kuala Lumpur begins
– Darling no more angry at me liao, this made my day
– It was almost 8pm when we reached the PLUS Highway via Sungkai
– All was smooth sailing until we hit KM 420
– Bumper to bumper crawl, oh my poking goodness!
– Got fed up with the crawl and drove on the emergency lane
– Reached home before 10pm
– Unloaded various thingies
– 2nd Aunt and 3rd Aunt went back after collecting their thingies
– Ate dumpling made by Darling’s Mum, brushed teeth, checked blog
– Tired, Zzzzzzzzzz


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  1. 4th December 2007 
    9:58 pm         

    yung .
    said the following:

    My god, your journals are really so detailed lah!

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  3. 5th December 2007 
    1:51 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    I thought the journals are already quite summarized? 😛

    Cheers! 😆