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Back to Ayer Tawar Tuesday

5 Feb 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Back to Ayer Tawar Tuesday

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Woke up 3am today, Oh My Poking Goodness!
– Blogging, EntreCarding
– Made some slick modifications to my EntreCard Image
– Breakfast, 6am, Darling’s Big Bro came
– Loaded our luggage into the car, off we go
– Stopped by at Sungkai for Wan Tan Mee Morning Tea
– Continued our journey back home
– Talked about various topics on the way back
– Learnt a new term today, can’t remember the word
– Only know that Google employs a hell lot of those mofos, pays handsomely too
– Reached Ayer Tawar around 10:30am-ish, Darling’s Big Bro anxious to unload his crap
– Crap as in referring to depriving oneself of solid wastes via the human anal
– Set up my Dell note book, jacked into Cyberspace via 46k dial up connection
– Was Entre-LOL-ing when I saw the first row of the most popular EntreCards
– EntreCarding using a dial up connection is a bit tad hard
– No choice but to disable the images, this made dialed up EntreCarding doable
– Lunch time, ate various mees bought from nearby eateries
– Afternoon, Blogging, EntreCarding, trying out Xbox 360
– I must say the graphics capabilities of Xbox 360 are certainly impressive
– Darling had an appointment with Cindy so we left for Setiawan at 5:45pm-ish
– Upon reaching there, they got started while I proceed to do offline blogging
– It was quite a wait, normal guys who have gone bonkers
– Since I am abnormal, so it is all right, methinks I waited for more than 2 hours
– Returned home to Ayer Tawar, got back almost 9pm
– They were having dinner, did not purchase our portion, Darling was furious
– Threw a fit, we drove our nearby and I Tar-Pau-ed some food
– Got back, dined, Darling still furious, what a short fuse, ah
– Can’t remember what exactly transpired that night, evening routine I guess
– Bedtime at 11pm-ish or was it 12am-ish? Anyway, Zzzzzzzzzz…………..

Oh yes! Its her again! Feel free to hate or love me!

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