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6 Feb 2008 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Woke up 5:30am-ish, left Ayer Tawar for Changkat Keruing at 7:00am
– Reached there around 7:30am, set up ADSL Modem settings
– Cyberspacing until Mum, Dad, me Big Bro and 2nd Aunt arrived around 9:30am-ish
– Big Bro set up wireless router, we began wireless Cyberspacing
– Lunch, I ate slowly since tongue ulcer causing intense pain and suffering
– Spent the rest of the afternoon Cyberspacing, napped for about an hour
– Evening, went next door, had a chat with my cousin sister – Jeng Chien
– Finished chat, came back, bathed, had steam boat dinner
– Spent the rest of the night Cyberspacing, chatting with relatives
– Fireworks at 12:00am, damn noisy, bed time at 12:30am-ish
– Totally dead tired by then, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

You guessed it! Its her! Yes! I dunno her name! Don’t ask me!


  1. 2nd August 2010 
    11:28 am         

    Florence Mills
    said the following:

    i had an ulcer last year because i am fond of skipping meals and working too hard. it was quite painful.*’

  2. 25th October 2010 
    11:12 pm         

    Gel Pen :
    said the following:

    believe me, ulcer is quite painful and its symptoms are not very good:`-