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First Day of Lunar Chinese New Year Thursday

7 Feb 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on First Day of Lunar Chinese New Year Thursday

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Summarized Journal:
– 7:30am-ish, I rose from my slumber
– Cyberspacing, toilet pass motion, breakfast
– Continue Cyberspacing, 11:30am-ish headed out to Setiawan
– Reached some relative’s house, many little brats there
– Spoilt brats, total lack of proper family education, last year also like this
– Behaving just like a bunch of untamed animals if you ask me
– One particular kid is very nasty, he kept on hitting his mum
– There, we were served sushi, jelly, drinks and beer! Heineken some more!
– Filled up mah belly while there
– Heineken was served by a nice uncle, he chatted with me Mum
– We left around 1pm-ish, took a long route back, reached home 2pm-ish
– Spent the remainder of the afternoon Cyberspacing
– Evening, went next doors, chatted with Cousin Sis Jeng Chien
– Joined my Big Bro and various Cousins in a few games of DOTA
– Bath, Dinner, went next door again, ended up playing 4 players vs the AI
– Finished at 2am-ish, got back, Cyberspaced until 3am-ish
– Totally dead tired, bed time, Zzzzzzzzz……….

Sorry, it is her again. The unknown lady.

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