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Damn birds!

10 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Damn birds!

This morning, Dad went to Tang Ling Clinic to have his blood checked, so he came into the office around 10 something.

I talked to How Li (Our Accounts Clerk) regarding “Master Guo” and found out that this “Master Guo” had been visiting Dad quite frequently, often on a monthly basis, she mentioned that there was a period which “Master Guo” visited Dad daily!

However, she said that all monies and cheques given to this “Master Guo” are personal and not through the company. Guess I will have to dig up Dad’s bank statement to find out the exact amount.

Had a discussion with Dad around 11 something about the cost estimate for the Batu Caves Factory, Dad then shared with me the basis of kg per meter cube of steel and concrete.

1 m3 steel = 7,850kg

1m3 concrete = 2,400kg

Then I realised that the kg per meter steel ratio is derived from these formula.

Later, I had lunch with How Li and her boy friend this afternoon, he introduced himself as “Ah Fai” or something among those lines.

Today, for the first time ever in my life, I received my first bird dropping! Luckily, it only hit my back, not my head. A conversation with them both (How Li and Ah Fai) later revealed that Ah Fai got hit on his head before. Lucky me.

This experienced reminded me of how I witnessed a friend of mine (Wang Han Ming) got “bombarded” by bird droppings back when we were still in high school, in Chung Hua Klang.

Later that afternoon, we sort of finalized the cost estimate for the Batu Caves Factory. Dad proceed to call Zhong Yun of Richmond while I continued to work on the new hp computers.

While working on the computers, I chatted with How Li and discovered that she is going to Bangkok next year. I shared my experienced regarding Bangkok Gem shops, especially Yindee Lapidar, as well as Taxi and Tuk-Tuk drivers. Basically just a friendly reminder to be aware of scams in Bangkok.

Ah Wa came in around 4 something and started to work on my room at the back of the office, Dad discussed some matters with him, some of them being matters related to the Rawang Steel Factory, about the 850mm diameter steel bars unable to sell, as nowadays people usually want 750mm diameter ones. I believe Dad concluded that we will retain those 850mm steel bars for our own usage in the future.

Dad went back earlier, about 5pm, as he has a dinner function to attend to later this evening. How Li went back about 5:20pm. Ah Wa is still working on the room. I think I will leave soon.

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