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Master Guo again ……

16 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Master Guo again ……

16 October 2007, Tuesday

Morning – Master Guo came again, this time I sat in Dad’s room and listened to what he said. From what I have gathered so far, it appears that Master Guo is collecting about RM105 per month from Dad for several months already. As Master Lim mentioned before that if the sum is not that big, then might as well let it be. Would consult with Master Lim again regarding this matter.

Afternoon – Lunch, tried out the Prawn Mee stall this time, the soup ain’t that special, probably would not try it again. Mister Tam was in the office when we (Me and How Li) came back, we chatted for a while and he slightly briefed me about the history of our project “APARTMEN IMPIAN”.

Late Afternoon – Around 4pm to 5pm something, darling called, said she hates me very much. Before she hung up, I managed to find out that it was about the work that I helped her out yesterday. Great, real great. I get no thanks or praise for helping her out in the first place, but instead I get insults and bad mouthing. What a wonderful world it is, aye?

Evening – Reached home about 6:15pm, I played Enemy Territory : Quake Wars until 6:45pm, darling haven’t called yet. So I proceed to take my bath, took my N-Gage cellphone into the bathroom as usual, just in case she calls. Finished bath around 7pm, she still haven’t called. So I continued to play Enemy Territory : Quake Wars until she called around 7:30pm, in which I quickly went out to fetch her back. She was in a foul mood when I picked her up, I greeted her, asked her about how her tummy was feeling, she just sat there without responding, her eyes full of hatred. Women, they are all the same. Back home, she finished dinner rather quickly, and went upstairs. Later, when I finished mine and proceed to go upstairs into our room, she chased me out! Said that she do not want to see me, or talk to me. Blah blah blah. I went downstairs to play DOTA instead. Finished a game, not very enjoyable even though our team won. I think the computer is loaded with virus, trojans, adwares, spywares, etc. Must purge it someday. Furthermore, the mouse does not feel good.

Late Evening – It was past 10pm, I went up into my room again, after enduring some verbal and physical abuse, I think I am finally off the hook. Thank goodness! I continued to play Enemy Territory : Quake Wars in my room, I think I am semi addicted to this game. After darling discussed with Meng Sing and her sister Wei Lee, she decided to purchase PS RM225.00 concert tickets to Jolin Tsai’s concert on 14 December 2007, in Genting Arena of Stars. The system was a bit buggy and I failed to obtain the tickets before we slept, would try again when I wake up the following day.

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