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Back Pain!

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Back Pain!

17 October 2007, Tuesday

I think it is becoming serious, my back pain, duh!

This morning, I was lying down on the floor in our bedroom waiting for my darling to come out of the toilet so we can go to work. Darling came out, told me to search her bag. I tried to get up, but the back pain caused some complications. Darling thought I was trying to be funny and she got pissed off and scolded me. Being a short fuse she is, she blew up momentarily, no thanks to me adding flame to the heated situation. (I told her to walk to office, but I picked her up anyway.)

Now, whenever I bend down, my back aches, this is serious, shit! Too much gaming on the floor, I need to stop that. Perhaps it is time to relocated my computer again, definitely to higher ground! Duh!

How am I to rectify this problem? Perhaps I can start by spending more time lying down on the CERAGEM machine and no more sitting down on the floor to play games, duh!

Oh my back! Must save it! Arghh! Better rectify this back problem before darling finds out, she will murder me if she finds out, totally. No doubt about that.

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