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CIMB Gang ~ Genting Trip

20 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on CIMB Gang ~ Genting Trip

20 October 2007, Saturday

Morning – Went to Dentist around 8:30am, waited until 9.0am before we got started, it was around 11.00am when we are finished there, it appeared that I have 7 teeth that needs to be “fixed”, i.e. require “filling”. Anyway, while we were there, Datin told us about this “Toast Masters International”, something like a society for public speaking thingies. Sounds interesting, they hold fortnightly gatherings inside the IEM building on every alternate Thursdays.

Afternoon – We proceed to head to Genting Highlands around 12:00pm, it was around 1:15pm something when we reached there. We then had lunch together in the Hai Nan Restraunt, Gladys’s husband paid for the lunch first. After lunch, we proceed to check in to our rooms, we waited for a bit before we are able to get the keys to our rooms. I chatted with Gladys’s husband ~ Ken while we waited, found out that he played games while he was young too, and he is the same age as my brother ~ Howey. Once we got our room keys, settled down in our rooms, we proceed to gather up in the room where Gladys’s baby is. Their baby is sure cute! Everyone is playing with her, my darling also got her turn to play with her. After the baby playing session, it was bowling session, I did not join as my hand still aches.

Evening – After the bowling session, it was almost time for dinner, after a short round of discussion, we decided to have dinner and karaoke at “Be a Star KTV”. We entered at 7:15pm and left at 9:15pm, a 2 hour session. They sure had fun, and by the way, Annie’s husband is an excellent singer! Some people did not sing, say Ching Sian, Lee Meng and myself. (darling prohibited me from singing)

Late Evening – After the karaoke session, we went to Star Bucks Coffee to start our coffee session. Darling was busy chatting with her colleagues, I can hardly make out what they are talking about. Luckily, Siew Ching’s friend Pei Hong came along and I joined in their chit-chat. Turns out she is a “gaming analyst”, a USM graduate, and is from Kelantan. Our group chit-chat session lasted until 12am, in which we proceed to the Monte Carlo casino. Darling was a bit hungry, so we left as soon as we arrived at the Monte Carlo casino. Bought some sandwiches on the way back to our room, ate sandwiches, reached room, brushed teeth, bed time. Zzzz…

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