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Almost drank a snail

19 Nov 2007 | Personal |  4 comments

Today – Monday – 19 November 2007 will be the first day in my life that I almost drank a snail. Mum boiled bali (barley) for us this morning, I drank some before I went to work. Back at home, I just quaffed the liquid not the semi-solid remains (barley seeds) at the bottom.

About 10am something, dad came in and brought along a bottle of home made bali that Mum boiled this morning. So, I helped myself to the bali (barley) drink from time to time, until I almost finished the liquid and only the little balls like semi-solid remains (barley seeds) at the bottom.

It was 1pm something after we finished lunch, and I was finishing the bottle of home made bali (barley) drink. Habitually, I proceed to gobble down the little balls like semi-solid remains (barley seeds) of the bali (barley) drink. Then I felt something hard among my teeth, instinctively I assumed it was a rock so I spat it out.

Whoah! That is one big piece of “little rock”! I picked it up, brought it closer to my eyes and examined it throughly. It was then I realized that it is indeed a snail, there are still some of those little balls like semi-solid remains (barley seeds) of the bali (barley) drink in my mouth. Suddenly, I lost the appetite to chew on them further. I spat out and dumped the remainder into the water closet, and flushed it away.

Took the snail, showed it to Howli, wanted to borrow her cellphone cam to take a screenie so I can put it up here. Duh! Can’t a clear image with her phone cam, so I decided to take the snail back home and then take a screenie of it. Yeah, I showed it to Dad as well. Asked him if he ever experienced anything like this in his 60+ years of life, he said no. Haha!

Will update this post with the screenie when I get back home later.

– Several Hours later –
Yes, I’m home. Screenie time!

Snail – Round like a circle

Snail – Smaller than finger nails!

Snail – Black

Snail – Skin peeled off

Snail – Dried up

Its quite small, I had a little bit trouble trying to get the screenies, maybe it is because I am not a pro photographer.

The insides seems to have darkened or blackened, this afternoon it was still white and soft, I wonder if it will become white again if I dip it in water…

So have you almost drank a snail before?


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  1. 19th November 2007 
    7:03 pm         

    Wan Kong Yew
    said the following:

    But how did the snail get there in the first place? It could only have come from the barley boiled to make that drink! Anyway, don’t worry too much about it. After all, the French eat much bigger snails as entrees!

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  3. 20th November 2007 
    1:48 am         

    said the following:

    Wow….. how the hell did that get into the barley?

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  5. 20th November 2007 
    7:28 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    😆 After I got back home. I interview my mum who boiled the barley, she told me that she bought the barley seeds from TMC (The original Giant that started this Giant chain stores thingie) @ Bangsar.

    She also got put in some aloe vera into the barley, plucked from our garden. So, it is either the aloe vera from our own garden or the barley seeds from TMC @ Bangsar.

    Mum said she cleaned and sliced the aloe vera nicely, and if there’s a snail there, it ought to be quite obvious? Though the snail is very small!

    Anyway, I shall assume that the snail was packaged together in the barley seeds obtained from TMC @ Bangsar. Would probably try to avoid products from Giant now.

    @ Wan Kong Yew:
    I think its from the barley seeds that me mum bought from TMC @ Bangsar. Yeah, so its a pretty cooked up snail. 😛
    No need to worry about germs and stuff I guess.
    P/S: I can’t believe that I forgot how to spell “barley”! ❗
    /me shameless goes and edit the post

    @ kljs:
    From the barley seeds that me mum bought from TMC (Giant) @ Bangsar! Boycott all Giant products! Snail in Barley Seeds! Haha! 😆

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  7. 29th May 2008 
    1:09 pm         

    Snail! Jolin Tsai - Agent J - DVD / CD, Shawl | ahkong.net
    said the following:

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