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Leave Cthulhu Alone – Download

6 Dec 2011 | Defense, Flash |  1 comment
Leave Cthulhu Alone Leave Cthulhu Alone – Flash Games Download – Overview
Play the role of Cthulhu as you defend your loyal minion who is performing the summoning ritual to bring Cthulhu back into the human world by transforming detectives into minions, professors into human bombs, policemen into poisonous bat bombs and more! Viva Le Cthulhu!

Download Leave Cthulhu Alone (File Size ~ 7.23 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
leave-cthulhu-alone.zip (FileSonic)
leave-cthulhu-alone.zip (MegaUpload)
leave-cthulhu-alone.zip (MediaFire)
leave-cthulhu-alone.zip (GameFront)

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Leave Cthulhu Alone – Title Menu!
Leave Cthulhu Alone
A rather very greenish simple looking title menu. Click begin to start the game already yo!

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Intro!
Leave Cthulhu Alone
The ritual to summon Cthulhu is being taken place and must not be interrupted at all cost!

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Instructions!
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Rather simple controls as you only need to move left or right and press the space bar!

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Action!
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Watch as Cthulhu mutate them helpless detectives into his mindless minions! Oh the terror!

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Combat?
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Place them converted minion detectives and watch as they fight and kill the real detectives.

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Boom?
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Mutated professors will explode thus effectively killing everyone in the room. Do not use it in the fourth room where Cthulhu’s minion is performing the summoning ritual!

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Goo?
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Victims who die of poison will melt into a pile of green goo. Some strong acidic poison?

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Shield?
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Later on them intruders will be more protected. The shields first before must be removed first before Cthulhu is able to mutate them.

Leave Cthulhu Alone – Defeat?
Leave Cthulhu Alone
Is this the end? Nah. Cthulhu will simply get another minion and try the ritual again!

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  1. 7th December 2011 
    10:08 pm         

    Dog Grooming Dallas
    said the following:

    This is some fun thanks for sharing this.

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