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Meeting Day Thursday

19 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Meeting Day Thursday

18 October 2007, Thursday

Morning – Discussed with Dad about the lawyer’s letter, after a short round of discussion we decided to further discuss it with Mr. Tam when he arrives later. Ah Wa came in around 10am something with a painter and worked on the room at the back, a while later he proceed to discuss with Dad about the Ipoh steel factory issue. I sat in and listened to what they have to talk about, 3 gu called in halfway through the discussion, I answered the call, she asked about if Dad is busy or not, I told her Dad is having a discussion with Ah Wa about the steel factory. Also told her that I am sitting in the discussion, she sounded a bit weird, as if she cried or something, must be my imagination.

Afternoon – Mr. Tam came around 12pm something and then we went down for lunch together with Dad, Tam, Ah Wa and myself. Talked about various construction issues as we waited for the food to be served and as we ate along. After lunch we went back upstairs to the office and discussed about the lawyer’s letter until the guys from Wang Lai Realty came around 2:30pm, in which we started our discussion about the sales status of APARMEN IMPIAN. Lawyer Chan joined in about 3pm and we discussed about some legal issues, he left about 4pm. The Meeting with Wang Lai Realty carried on until 6pm, after they left, we continued with our discussion until 6:30pm before going back home. Sales seems to be picking up slowly since last time, but still not good enough. Nevertheless we must start construction by next month, hopefully the sales will improve by then.

Evening – Reached home almost 7pm, darling got home a bit earlier than me. Wrote a cheque for Wei Lee so she can pay her UTAR fees. After dinner we went to pick up Wei Lee, to pass the cheque to her and visit the Pasar Malam as well. Darling bought some clothes for RM 50++, we bought a couple of fresh fruit juices. Wei Lee decided to stay over for tonight since I promised to send her back tomorrow morning.

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