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Midvalley Raid Monday

3 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  0 comments

Monday, 3 December 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Normal morning routine
– Blog work etc
– Lunch at open field opposite of May Bank branch with lovebirds Ah Fai and Howli
– Conversed as normal
– A grandma like lady came along
– Selling joss sticks
– Fuiyoh! This Grandma damn slick sales person I tell you!
– At first, she said “1 pack RM11, 2 pack RM20”
– I replied, “RM10 per pack can or not? Buy 1 pack enough la.”
– Grandma: “Can Can”
– Deimos: “Do you have RM40? I only got RM50”
– Grandma: *takes out 3 RM10 notes* “But I only got RM30 wor”
– Deimos: “Sure or not? You check again.”
– Grandma: *searches again* “Oh I got another RM10”
– So I bought the pack of joss sticks from this grandma
– There is this little joss stick thingie when burnt
– Produces a number, for purpose of buying lottery
– I think it reads 4790, gonna buy this tomorrow
– Wednesday got open number
– As I start to eat, found out they were not eating
– Something fishy going on
– I figured that lovebirds bickered over trivial matter
– Asked Ah Fai he heard of the 90/10 Principle before
– No. I further inquired if he would be interested. Yes
– So I told them the story of the 90/10 Principle
– Also recited to them the “poem” of to “Not Produce Anger”
– Managed to query my database and pull out a few quotes of Silent Thoughts
– Howli seems impressed
– Turns out her primary school teacher taught them about Silent Thoughts
– Work Blog Work Blog Busy Busy Busy
– Fast Forward to home
– Mum and Dad going out to Tian Hou Gong to attend some charity concert
– Darling wanted to go to Midvalley Megamall
– Picked up Darling’s Sis along the way
– We raided various Midvalley Megamall’s shops
– Lovely Lace, Teddy World, Living Cabin, Bonita
– Bought McChicken Value Meal for her sis
– Fast Forward to home
– Blog blog blog
– Normal evening routine
– Zzzz
(Must make it a habit to keep journals short or else not enough time to do everything else)

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