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Messed Up Saturday

8 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Messed Up Saturday

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine
– Played some Guild Wars Random Arenas PvP
– Tried out different PvP builds
– Office routine
– 11:30am Darling appears emotionally disturbed
– Apparently message was not sent out yesterday
– She threw a fit, nasty
– I called her her colleague’s boy friend
– Issue resolved, continue with work
– 3rd Aunt cooked up some mee for lunch
– Left for home around 12:50pm
– 3rd Aunt wanted to pay bills online, I ignored her
– Bought two (2) big packs of Rojak
– Darling’s sis reminded me else I already forgotten about it
– Reached home, Darling’s seems to be in a better mood
– Changed clothes, went to Jaya 33 for spa appointment
– Discovered that this is a ladies only spa
– I requested for a pen and paper
– Did some off line blogging
– This looks like a nice place
– If only I have a phone cam
– 2:40pm, Darling came out
– We went to pick up her sis
– All is well until we reached home
– Saw 2nd Aunt’s car
– Darling freaked out and refused to enter
– I short circuited a bit
– Ensuing chaos followed
– Went back to office after sending them back to sis’s place
– Had a hug and talk with Dad
– Dad left for home
– I worked on my site
– Replied some comments
– Darling called up and told me to pick her up at Midvalley Megamall
– So I left office to pick her up
– Cut a long story short
– After a tedious day of senseless bickering
– Things finally start to look a bit better at night time
– Bed time at 12am
– Zzzz

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