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Brothers Sisters Outing and Wedding Dinner Night Sunday

27 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Brothers Sisters Outing and Wedding Dinner Night Sunday

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, woke up 4:30am-ish
– Walked doggies at 8:30am, came back 9:40am
– Finished breakfast, drove out
– Picked up Sis, dropped Bro and Darling at Midvalley Megamall
– Proceed to Kimarie Kepong, Sis’s hair job follow up
– Reached there 10:40am, Pro Stylist Hanson got started on her
– Not wasting any time, I began offline blogging, 12:30pm now, Sis’s hair job has yet to finish
– Around 1:10pm Sis finally finished her hair job
– Sped to Midvalley Megamall to fetch Darling and me Bro
– Lunch at ONS Restaurant in Sea Park, bought a new Hong Kong Drama DVD
– Home, played some Guild Wars Random Arenas
– Accompanied Darling to watch new Hong Kong Drama, something like Devil Wear Prada
– 4pm, prepared ourselves to tonight’s wedding dinner at Banting
– One of my high school buddy in Chung Hua Klang – Tee Chee Khing is getting married
– Left house about 5:25pm
– Got there by 6:15pm, met up with old friends, happy gathering for me
– Dinner starts 7:30pm-ish
– Lots of funs and laughter throughout the night
– It was 10pm when dinner ended
– After we captured some group screenies with Chee Khing and his wife
– Was time to say goodbye, left Banting and headed back home
– Darling got pissed off at me again over a trivial matter
– To make matter worse, I took a wrong turn
– I admitted that it is my bad, so I attempted to keep my cool, succeeded I guess
– Somewhat practiced 90/10 Principle successfully so not much senseless bickering
– Finally back home 11:30pm-ish
– Bed time! Zzzzzzzz………… Snore snore ….

Attached here below the calender of October 2008:
October 2008

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