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Guild Wars – PvP – Random Arenas – Warrior / Monk – Removal Paladin

20 Feb 2008 | Flash, Guild Wars |  7 comments

Guild Wars

Template code
Skills – (to insert later)

Equipment Set Up
Anything one’s warrior is comfy with. A Sword is required.

Guild Wars
1. Severe Artery:
Bleed ’em from a real up close and personal, apply Gash immediately. Do feel free to cover any Conditions with Severe Artery.

2. Gash:
Make ’em suffer! Only works if target is already Bleeding.

3. Final Thurst:
Shove this skill up their rear ends when their health is less than 50%, also best used as a finishing move, especially against softies (casters) when their health is down to 25% and they are already Bleeding and have a Deep Wound.

4. Rush:
Run after them, or run away from them.

5. Watchful Spirit:
Cover Mending with this. Quickly re-apply this when it gets removed.

6. Mending:
Use this straight away while waiting for the round to start off. Use Watchful Spirit when Energy has fully regenerated.

7. Signet of Removal:
Use this to remove all those nasty Hexes and annoying Conditions.

8. Resurrection Signet
Help team mates get back on their feet and join the fight.

Damage Per Second (DPS)
Guild Wars
Overall, the average Damage Per Second (DPS) is not really that impressive. However, the highest damage that one is able to dish out with Final Thrust is decent.

Step by Step Guide to play a Removal Paladin:
1. Cast Mending upon oneself
2. Wait Energy to fully regenerate
3. Cast Watchful Spirit upon oneself
4. Engage softies, preferably a Monk
5. Severe Artery, followed by Gash, cover Gash with Severe Artery if possible
6. Keep Dash activated always
7. Remember to use Signet of Removal on Enchanted Team Mates who needs it
8. Execute target with Final Thrust when their Health is less than 25%
9. Switch targets if current target is Blocking
10. Be observant, switch to low Health targets, Final Thrust them if possible

Constant Health Regeneration:
Having both Mending and Watchful Spirit on means a +5 Health Regeneration unless either or both is removed by Enchant Removals.

Energy Free Hexes and Conditions Management:
Using Signet of Removal, one is able to remove One (1) Hex and One (1) Condition from oneself, or any other target allies, as long as the target is enchanted at the moment the Signet of Removal is used upon the target ally (or oneself).

High Spike Damage:
A well executed Final Thrust can really spike for a juicy amount of damage, often scoring up to 150+ damage per strike on softies (casters) who are on the run.

Enchant Removals:
Signet of Removal does not work if one is not Enchanted. Without Mending and Watchful Spirit, the Removal Paladin is unable to heal oneself.

Nothing much could be accomplished here, focus one’s attention on another target, come back later to apply Bleeding when the Blocker is not Blocking.

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Deimos’s Thoughts (DT)
Personally, I believe that this is actually a very useful offensive as well as supportive build, as long as the opposing team does not carry any Enchant Removals, that is. However, folks tend to have a very negative impression towards a Warrior who uses Mending in PvP, especially Random Arenas. So I flash Signet of Removal before I use Mending, smart team mates would know why I use Mending then.

Deimos Asks (DA)
Does not hurt to ask a few questions myself I guess, so here goes:
1. Are you a PC Gamer? [DTA: Of course!]
2. Do you play Online Games? [DTA: Only play Guild Wars very sparingly nowadays]
3. Do you play Guild Wars? [DTA: Random Arenas 10 minutes fun!]
4. What do you think of this build? [DTA: It is my own build, so I think it is quite okay]
5. Are you looking forward to Guild Wars 2? [DTA: I know I am!]
Thank you for your time!


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  1. 20th February 2008 
    2:52 pm         

    said the following:

    Haha, thanks for mentioning my blog 😆

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  3. 21st February 2008 
    6:05 am         

    said the following:

    First time I heard of this kind of class of Paladin!

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  5. 3rd April 2008 
    4:36 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for making some noise in here. 😉


    Well, I came up with my name myself, sounds kewl eh? 😛


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  7. 4th July 2008 
    5:16 am         

    said the following:

    Horrible build. Never use these monk enchantments. Horrible build, 36 dps for a warrior is pitiful.

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  9. 22nd July 2008 
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  13. 14th November 2009 
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