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Guild Wars – PvP – Random Arenas – Ranger / Necromancer – Degenerative Toucher

25 Nov 2007 | Flash, Guild Wars |  1 comment

Guild Wars - PvP - Random Arenas - Ranger / Necromancer - Degenerative Toucher
Template code:

Equipment setup:
Insignias : Full Radiant Set
Runes : Superior Expertise, Superior Vigor, x3 Rune of Attunement
Weapon : [Poisonous] Spear of [Defense] or [Health]
Offhand : Blood Magic Focus [+30 Health] and [20% +1 to Blood Magic]

1. Plague Touch:
Give ’em a taste of their own medicine.

2. Vampiric Bite:
Your main form of damage and self healing.

3. Vampiric Touch:
Same as above, your main form of damage and self healing.

4. Life Siphon:
Suck ’em dry and fill up yours!

5. Apply Poison:
Activate before engaging your foes, cover Bleeding with this.

6. Signet of Agony:
Get in touch range before you activate this, use Plague Touch to pass it to your target, cover Bleeding with Poison, you did activate Apply Poison earlier, right?

7. Escape:
Last for a whole eight (8) seconds and having a twelve (12) seconds recharge time, this means you can spam this skill almost forever unless you get Wild Blow-ed or Wild Throw-ed. With only a down time of four (4) seconds, thirty three percent (33%) faster movement speed than your touch victims means they are less likely to escape from your barrage of touches.

8. Resurrection Signet
Fellow team mates are no good to you if they remain dead, please resurrect them.

Step by Step Guide to play a Degenerative Toucher:
1. Activate Apply Poison before engaging in combat
2. Target their casters first, preferably a Monk or Ritualist
3. Chuck spear, inflict target with Poison
4. Hex target with Life Siphon
5. Chuck spear, keep Poison-ing target
6. Escape into touch range
7. Activate Signet of Agony
8. Pass Bleeding to target with Plague Touch
9. Chuck spear, target should have -10 Health Regeneration now
10. Spam Vampiric Bite and Vampiric Touch

If done properly and combined with focused firepower from your fellow team mates, target should be down unless the opposing have one (1) or more efficient healers.

Fort Aspenwood, Luxon:
Replace Resurrection Signet with Whirling Defense, once you get into the inner chambers the gate keepers are as good as dead.

Same as the two (2) builds I introduced earlier:

You have absolutely no way of removing hexes by yourself. So the drill is to approach a fellow Mesmer or Monk team mate as soon as possible (ASAP). This is after all, a team game, right?


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