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Guild Wars – PvP – Random Arenas – Warrior / Paragon – Flail Chucker

27 Nov 2007 | Flash, Guild Wars |  Comments Off on Guild Wars – PvP – Random Arenas – Warrior / Paragon – Flail Chucker

Fast Chucker
Template code:

Equipment setup:
Use anything that your warrior is comfy with.
Yes, you need a spear.

Da Skillz:
1. Barbed Spear:
Bleed the mofos from a far! Follow up with Maiming Spear. Also remember to chuck this straight away after you just Stunning Strike-ed your victim. Just use this to cover any Conditions since it only costs 3 strikes of Adrenal to activate.2. Maiming Spear:
Make the bleeding mofos crawl! Make sure target is Bleeding before you chuck this at ’em. Chuck Barbed Spear to cover the Crippled Condition.

3. Stunning Strike:
Powerful against casting mofos! Say bye bye to spell casting! A bit useless if there are more than one caster with condition removal in the opposing team. Follow up with Barbed Spear to cover the Dazed Condition.

4. Flail:
Chuck ’em faster, this is one of the main reasons why this build is a Warrior / Paragon and not a Paragon / Warrior instead.

5. Rush:
Break out Flail stance with this, use it to chase down fleeing mofos who has gotten out of your spear chucking range, or become a fleeing mofo yourself when the situation demands it. Also one of the main reasons why this build is a Warrior / Paragon and not a Paragon / Warrior.

6. Healing Signet:
Heal up yo! Do it in a safe place, as a lot of things can happen in two (2) seconds.

7. Remedy Signet:
Remove annoying Conditions.

8. Resurrection Signet
Team mate down! Team mate down! Rez plz!

Stunning Striker:
Able to maintain Flail stance up always once you scored 5 spear chucks means that you would be chucking spears 33% faster always, which translates into charging up Stunning Strike faster for spamming the Dazed condition onto casters.

Fast Chucker:
Flail away babe! You are able to chuck spears 33% faster!

Condition Removal Spammer:
There are more than one caster on the opposing team, and yes they have the ability to spam Condition Removers. In this case, trying to keep Dazed a caster is hard.

Same as the three (3) builds I introduced earlier:

Hexes sucks and we all know it aye? It sure feels like screaming “Medic!” or “Technician!” when playing Enemy Territory : Quake Wars yarrrrr. Find a fellow team mate with hex removal.

Damage Output:
Quite pathetic damage per second for a Warrior, hence this build is more of an offensive support mainly relying on Stunning Strike to shut down a caster, provided that there are no other casters with conditions removal nearby.


Faster Chuck DPS 1

Faster Chuck DPS 2


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