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Guild Wars – PvP – Random Arenas – Warrior / Paragon – Symbolic Axer

14 Nov 2007 | Flash, Guild Wars |  4 comments

The PvP Mode – Random Arenas in Guild Wars has always been a favorite past time of mine, no commitments, no appointments, no schedules – just head on to the said PvP outposts, get your 8 skills slot skill bar ready, click the “Enter Battle” button and brace yourself for the battle ahead!

Today, I am going to share my first Random Arena PvP builds here, i.e. builds that I made just for play in Random Arenas. Meet the Warrior / Paragon – Symbolic Axer!


Guild Wars - PvP - Random Arenas Build - Warrior / Paragon - Symbolic Axer

Template Code
This is the skill bar code: OQkkEpSbleG0kYfV8WAg82gFsjAA for you to copy and paste so you don’t need to memorize all the 7 skills, skill no. 8 is rezzie signet which every Random Arenas player ought to bring into battle in Random Arenas.Equipments
For equipments, I chose Axe because I can wield a shield and the critical damage is much higher than the Sword. Personally, I use Ironclaw for the constance +15% damage.Shields, I use one with +10 Armor vs Piercing Damage. Bloody Rangers and Sins can do a bit less damage to me, nonetheless a plus I figured.As for armor set up, since I am using my RPG Warrior, I am sticking with the set of Radiant Insignias, as it is quite expensive to switch.

Runes, I just stuck on a Superior Axe Rune to my Head piece and used Minors for Strength and Tactics. Superior Absorption to the Chest piece for the -3 physical damage reduction it offers against attacks to the chest, and of course a Superior Vigor for that extra +50 Health, more Health is always good.

How to execute this build
This build is rather simple to execute, basically you will only be using 2 skills for damage – Symbolic Strike and Charging Strike. If you time it nicely, you can get 3 high damage attacks in one combo, quite deadly to unprotected casters.

Charging Strike has a recharge time of 5 seconds, and it last 8 seconds in this build. So activate Charging Strike when you think you will reach the target within 5 seconds, attack your target to activate the +32 damage to your target, follow up with Symbolic Strike for a delicious +60 damage attack with a 11% armor penetration from your Strength, then activate Charging Strike again for another +32 damage.

In order for this 3 hit combo to work, you must have Symbolic Strike ready, so this means you can’t execute this combo right off the start of a round. Also, it helps if your target is rather stationary, even better if not moving at all.

Thus, rangers, casters make good target for this 3 hit combo as they need to be stationary to shoot their arrows, cast their spells etc. However, casters tend to kite more as everyone seem to go after them first.

Remember to activate Signet of Strength before the start of every battle, and every 45 seconds. Surely you would have executed 12 attacks within those 45 seconds right? Ironically, I always forgot to re-activate this signet. :razz:

Signet of Remedy and Healing Signet are much self explanatory, for condition removal and self healing.

Signet of Stamina is very useful if your health is low and you need a huge boost to your maximum Health, so you have enough time to flee and heal up. It has 1/4 seconds activation time, so most of the time you can activate it unless you got unlucky.

:arrow: Say got so conveniently knocked down or interrupted at the split second you are activating it, at that time you’re usually dead, so wait for your team to come and rez you.

Signet of Return is useful in those situation where, only you and 1 opposing dude remains. More useful if he / she is particularly afraid of you and is always running away from you, this is when you will utilize those precious 5 seconds to bring back a team mate.

I can only imagine the shock he / she gets when he / she realized that I can hard rez my fallen team mates. :eek: Heheh, this would be their expression while this :lol: would be mine.

Unfortunately, this build offers very little protection against Hexes. The only remedy I can think of is activating Signet of Stamina, activating Charging Strike to flee to your team’s Hex remover, hopefully they can remove it.

If not, you would have to hide in a remote area, using Healing Signet to heal up. You would not be able to perform if you are heavily hexed and dead, better to run and hide and heal up first.

Well this pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this build, in fact this build is quite workable in Alliance Battles as well as Ashen Fort.

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Any Questions?


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  1. 30th December 2007 
    2:27 am         

    They Had My Back
    said the following:

    battle rage, symbolic strike, dolyak signet, signet of stamina, heal signet, purge signet(removes all hexes/conditions), signet of strength, and sunspear rebirth signet. thats what i use.

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  3. 30th December 2007 
    5:29 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @They Had My Back:
    Hello there! 🙂
    Hey! That is a pretty good build for PvE yo! :mrgreen:
    Cheers! 😀
    Thanks for sharing that with me aye! 😉

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