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Jolin Tsai Friday

15 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Jolin Tsai Friday

Friday, 14 December 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Holy passed-motion! Even without my cell phone by my bed side
– I still know the time
– Mosque singing at 5:30am like that
– Clock downstairs ring a ding ding 6 times, so its 6:00am already
– Woke up 6:00am something this morning
– Morning routine
– Work routine
– Clay Pot Chicken Rice lunch with Ah Fai and Howli
– Shared my knowledge of Herba Life with Ah Fai
– Work routine
– Discussion with Dad
– 5pm, proceed to pick up Sis
– Picked up Sis around 5:30pm
– Darling called at 5:35pm, was kinda furious on why we were so late
– Remembered 90/10 Principle so no bubbles there
– Reached home about 5:45pm
– I changed clothes then we left for Genting Highland
– Got a concert to attend – Jolin Tsai is performing in Genting Highlands tonight
– Slight traffic congestion at the Jalan Kuching roundabout there
– Traffic okay after we passed the Jalan Kuching roundabout
– Darling and I ate bread that Sis bought for us
– Sis ate Chicken Rice earlier while waiting for me to pick her up
– Passed Karak Highway toll, proceed uphill to Genting Highland
– Darling expressed concern that I might be driving too fast for her comfort
– Did not pay attention to her since I believe I am driving not too fast
– A while later her low bubbles threshold exceeded
– Got splattered with her bubbles of fury
– 90/10 Principles helped me deal with the situation accordingly
– I think her bubbles subsided rather quickly
– Finally we reached Genting Highlands around 7:10pm
– Found a nice parking spot in First World Hotel’s parking bay
– Walk walkie walk walk walk till we reach the ticket booth
– Collected our ticket, went in, found our seats, settled down
– Decided to give the toilet a visit first before settling down
– Jolin came in and started her show around 8:30pm
– Excellent performance, I captured many motion screenies
– Uploading them to youtube at the moment
– I think need about 10+ hours for all videos to be fully uploaded -_-
– A short performance, we think she is not feeling well
– Like got a flu or something
– She left around 10:15pm
– The whole show did not even last for 2 hours
– Proceed to go back home
– Reached home around 12:10am
– Finished typing this entry at 1:55am
– Bedtime arghhh feeling wooooozzzzyyyy
– Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

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