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Bro Homecoming Saturday

26 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning, showed Darling the gifts, she is not impressed
– Scolded me for wasting moolah on Baileys, Irish Cream
– I was utterly disappointed again
– Darling went to KTV with her colleagues
– To work I go, plumber Chong came, some Banker came
– Master Guo came, requested moolah
– It appears that he could assist with a particular troublesome matter
– Home, bathed, ate Rojak that Darling bought
– Left home at 7:30pm to fetch me bro from KLIA
– She entered a berserking frenzy again
– Just because I requested if she can scold me less
– Behaving totally like a true berserker
– I remembered the 90/10 principle and got myself to Shut the Poke Up (STPU)
– Made a good choice since she cooled down shortly after
– Reached KLIA 8:15pm, picked up me Bro 8:30pm
– Had supper at Wai Shek Kai, SS2
– Finally back home almost 11pm-ish
– Dead tired, bed time 12am-ish, Zzzzzzz…………….

Without further delay, I bring to you September 2008’s calender!
September 2008


  1. 30th January 2008 
    3:12 pm         

    said the following:

    Send my regards to him please 😛

  2. 30th January 2008 
    3:16 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Will do, mate. 🙂
    Have to wait until this coming Friday though. 😛
    He’s in Hong Kong now. 😆