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Dead Tired Saturday Night

12 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Dead Tired Saturday Night

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, work routine, tarpau-ed lunch at 12pm something
– Went home, had lunch with Darling
– Food does not taste that good
– Left home for Kimarie SS2 shortly after finishing lunch
– Darling has a dinner to attend tonight, wishes to set her hair
– Worried that there may be a long queue at the hair studio there
– Reached there, no queue, she got seated, I left to find a spot to lepak
– Decided to settle down in McDonalds – You’re Loving it!
– Picked her up when she’s done, hair nicely set up
– Back home, she started to apply various facial products to enhance her facial texture
– Drove her off to Siew Ching’s place when she’s ready
– I returned home, feeling dead tired
– Tried to work on site, but felt so tired, so I gamed
– Being so dead tired, can’t really enjoy gaming also
– 11:50pm, Darling summoned me to fetch her back from Siew Ching’s place
– Totally extremely hardcore tired by now, I doze off 15 minutes before heading out
– Fetches Darling back, felt so dozy, finally back home, I doze off Zzzz
– Got awoken by her, asked if I have shut the metal gate
– Stumbled downstairs to check, gate closed
– Lumbered back up, finally Zzzzz at 2am, no more interruptions

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