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Youth Malaysia Youth Search Award Ceremony Friday

18 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

Friday, 18 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, my car battery fragged itself, drove Mum’s car instead
– Sped up to site at Bandar Country Homes, Rawang after dropping Darling off to work
– Supposed to meet up with some Concrete Supplier
– Mofos did not show up, I passed documents to Uncle Ah Wa and left for PWTC
– Attending the Youth Malaysia Youth Search Award Ceremony
– Called up mix.fm and gave my best alien scream
– Recorded it down. Deimos is on air!
– Made a blunder (due to recording) and took a wrong turn
– Reached PWTC around 11am-ish
– Registered (used a non active email account), got in and seated myself
– Waited until 11:30am before the Award Ceremony started
– Winners announced after two (2) mofos gave their speech
– Paul Tan got most popular award and shoutmix won RM 20,000.00
– Thus ends the Award Ceremony, crowd dispersed shortly afterwards
– I met up with a few local bloggers, nice mofos
– Saimatkong, Adi, Lam and LiewCF
– Conversed for a bit, took a group screenie before we left
– It was a pretty exciting experience for me
– Shook hands with Liew CF and goodness, he is extremely tall!
– At the entrance, Paul Tan ran into me
– He still recognizes me, I congratulated him for winning the most popular award
– Chatted for a bit, exchanged hand shakes before parting ways
– Headed back to office, lunch, work routine, fast forward to evening, back home
– Darling went out with Siew Ching, so I dined alone tonight
– 10pm-ish she came back, pre-bed time activities ~ watch Hong Kong drama
– 11pm-ish bed time, Zzzzzzzz………………….


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