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Construction Site and Steel Factory visit Monday

28 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  3 comments

Monday, 28 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, went to site at Bandar Country Homes, Rawang
– Captured many screenies, went to Steel Factory with Uncle Ah Wa
– Over there, I too captured many screenies
– 12pm-ish, lunch at weird place again
– Realized that the food and beverage there is cheap
– Stopped by Public Bank, Uncle Ah Wa wanna settle some payments
– Queue ticketing system broken down, bummer
– Back to conventional line up in an orderly fashion way, totally inefficient
– It was 2pm-ish when we finally got back to site
– Liew and his son, Ming were there
– Discussion on a few matters followed
– Left site around 3pm-ish, got back to office about 3:45pm-ish
– Dad went out for meeting
– Delegated 3rd Aunt to call up Concrete Supplier
– Prepared and faxed Purchase Order
– 5pm-ish left office and headed back home
– Bathed, dinner, picked up Sis, drove to Midvalley Megamall together with Darling and Sis
– Browsed P & Co, Voir, Minoshe, Vinci and Bobbi Brown
– Sis bought a set of undies
– Darling sought after beauty consultation and Bobbi Brown, bought something too
– I did offline blogging, Sis sent text messages profusely while waiting for Darling
– 9:15pm-ish already and we are still waiting
– Invited Sis to come over for the night
– Guess she’s not coming, I sort of over invited
– Almost 9:30pm-ish and Darling finally finished consultation and purchase
– Sent Sis back, fast forward to home
– Pre Bed time activities, followed by bed time very soon, Zzzzzzz…………..

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  1. 30th January 2008 
    5:18 pm         

    said the following:

    La, i expected to see many screenies (photo scenery)from your site visit but can only see one scene from Japan.

    I guess you capture the scenery with your naked eyes lar …

    Have a nice day

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  3. 30th January 2008 
    5:22 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Too many screenies, haven’t got time to process them yet. 😛
    The scene from Japan is nice w00t! 😆
    Same to you, mate. 😉

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  5. 4th December 2011 
    1:58 pm         

    said the following: