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Redang Talk, Master Guo Returns

26 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Redang Talk, Master Guo Returns

26 October 2007, Friday

Morning – Nothing much interesting.

Afternoon – During lunch, I talked with Ah Fai about Pulau Redang, actually Ah Fai did most of the talking, I listened and asked questions. Apparently his company organizes annual company trips, Ah Fai already been to Pulau Redang twice, and this year they went to Pulau Langkawi. How Li suggested our company to organize company trips too, haha!

Late Afternoon – Master Guo came back with the “Business Charm” or “Fu”, got 2 of ’em. One to put inside Dad’s wallet, the other to stick onto the wall on top of the door outside our office. He also brought some biscuits, looks yummy.

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