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Nemesis – Download

5 Mar 2013 | Adventure, Flash |  0 comments
Nemesis Nemesis – Flash Games Download – Overview
This Nemesis is a turn based combat adventure flash game in which you do battle with many enemies one at a time though. Choose a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, customize your appearance and finally choose some skills to augment your combat abilities then you are good to go! To battle!

Download Nemesis (File Size ~ 4.84 MB)
Download the ZIP archive nemesis.zip from :
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Nemesis – Title Menu!
The story seems to take place in some far away galaxies or something based on the above.

Nemesis – Introductions! 
No introductions! So says the guy who is briefing you. Why so mysterious anyway?

Nemesis – Weapon!
Surely a melee weapon will do more damage than any ranged weapons. Right?

Nemesis – Mission! 
Them one on one fight missions seems to take place on board some kind of space stations.

Nemesis – Action! 
Critical hits do much more damage than normal attacks so do more critical attacks maybe?

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