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Humble Bundle Mojam: Vote Theme & Genre!

16 Feb 2012 | PC |  Comments Off on Humble Bundle Mojam: Vote Theme & Genre!
Humble Bundle Mojam Humble Bundle Mojam – Overview
Mojang, the company who developed and published the addictive Minecraft is going to do a sixty hours game jam as in the game will be created in around sixty hours with all the monies going to charity. Oh by the way, everyone gets to vote for the theme and genre of the game. Please vote!

Humble Bundle Mojam – Results?
Humble Bundle Mojam
Based on the current results they will make a Steampunk Real Time Strategy Shoot ’em Up in Ancient Egypt? Deimos wants Dungeon Crawler! Please vote for Dungeon Crawler!

Humble Bundle Mojam – Link!

Visit the above link to vote. Oh ya, please vote for Dungeon Crawler!

And do support it since all the funds raised will be going to charity!

Cheers and thanks ya all!

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