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Team Fortress 2 – Download

27 Nov 2011 | Action, Free, PC |  5 comments
Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 – Overview
Title: Team Fortress 2
Genre: Action, Free to Play
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Release Date: 10 Oct 2007
Metascore: 92/100

Download Team Fortress 2 for free from Steam Store!

Team Fortress 2 – Title Menu!
Team Fortress 2
The guy on the right hand side changes each time the title menu is accessed. Dynamic!

Team Fortress 2 – Training!
Team Fortress 2
New players ought to try out the training modes first before playing with real humans.

Team Fortress 2 – Basic!
Team Fortress 2
Only four class has basic training though and not every class. Why is that?

Team Fortress 2 – Servers!
Team Fortress 2
For best online gaming experience it is best to play in local servers with low ping!

Team Fortress 2 – Contribute!
Team Fortress 2
If you are good at graphics then perhaps you can create new items for Team Fortress 2!

Team Fortress 2 – Items?
Team Fortress 2
There are nine classes in Team Fortress 2 and you can outfit them with various items!

Team Fortress 2 – Pyro!
Team Fortress 2
The Pyro mainly uses a flame thrower with a shotgun or flare gun and some melee weapon.

Team Fortress 2 – Hats!
Team Fortress 2
In Team Fortress 2 characters can wear various hats for purely aesthetic purposes.

Team Fortress 2 – Weapons!
Team Fortress 2
However, weapons have pure aesthetic ones and those with modified stats though.

Team Fortress 2 – Crates!
Team Fortress 2
Crates are a nice way for Valve to make monies since keys must be bought to unlock crates.

Team Fortress 2 – Practice!
Team Fortress 2
Payload is where one team tries to push the cart while the other team tries to stop them!

Team Fortress 2 – Map!
Team Fortress 2
There a few payload maps so players will not be bored playing the same map again and again!

Team Fortress 2 – Loading!
Team Fortress 2
You can check out your stats during the loading screen to see how you performed!

Team Fortress 2 – Action?
Team Fortress 2
No real action yet as this is the one minute ready time before the match really begins.

Team Fortress 2 – Bots!
Team Fortress 2
Since this is a practice match everyone else is a bot and you are the only human player.

Team Fortress 2 – Taunt!
Team Fortress 2
You can press the taunt key to taunt and you can see your character doing a taunt action.


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  1. 29th November 2011 
    6:28 pm         

    said the following:

    this one is like…

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  3. 29th November 2011 
    10:35 pm         

    said the following:

    You start Post a Game(hope you know what i say)

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  5. 30th November 2011 
    7:47 pm         

    said the following:

    bstrd awsome ever

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  7. 30th November 2011 
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  9. 3rd December 2011 
    8:16 pm         

    said the following:

    I played it too much when it first came out… the days when during my GCSE exams I was still playing on my laptop with ATi X300 graphics XD.

    Although the core game play hasn’t changed too much, there are still a lot of the other things such as crafting that has made it almost foreign from those days… but it did give a good entry into FPS games which I still feel grateful for when I am playing online in BF3.

    A must try…