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Online Petitions | End Hellgate London Subscription | Bring back LAN play in Hellgate : London

12 Nov 2007 | Flash, Hellgate : London |  Comments Off on Online Petitions | End Hellgate London Subscription | Bring back LAN play in Hellgate : London

Came across a new Hellgate : London related online petition today, one called “End Hellgate London Subscription”, here’s the link:


As of now, it has more than 600 signatures now. I’ve signed it, of course.

Another online petition worth mentioning is “Bring back LAN play in Hellgate:London”, and the link:


Danger: Dont charge ur mobile whole night and dont keep it near by

12 Nov 2007 | Miscellaneous |  3 comments

Disclaimer: I do not claim authorship for the following article. All articles posted under category “Email Forwards” are email forwards that I received from time to time.

Obviously the battery is not original!!!

Dear All ,

Don’t charge ur mobile whole night and

don’t keep it near by !

Send it to someone u care !!!


Phone Exploded – Messed up bed!
phone exploded

Phone Exploded – What a mess!
phone exploded

Phone Exploded – Messed up fingers!
phone exploded

Phone Exploded – Major fuck up!
phone exploded

Hellgate : London @ IAHGAMES – Free One(1) Month Subscription to compensate server wipe

11 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  3 comments

As I have mentioned earlier in this post, IAHGames are going to wipe their server database so that they could properly implement the infamous Patch 0, I forgot to point out that they are actually giving away an extra month worth of subscription to “compensate”.

Well, compensate my foot! An extra month worth of subscription is worthless to me, as I have absolutely no intention of subscribing to Hellgate : London @ IAHGames, or any other monthly subscription based games.

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Hellgate : London Suggestion – Alternative Business Model

10 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  Comments Off on Hellgate : London Suggestion – Alternative Business Model

Finally! It appeared that Flag Ship Studios did take up my advise and opened a suggestions forum, time to bombard that area with my suggestions. ^_^

Original Link here.

However, you can only access the forum if you have an account there. So far, only beta testers and US game box Hellgate : London retail purchasers have access to the official Flag Ship Studios – Hellgate : London Community Forum.

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Hellgate : London IAHGames Server Wipe!

10 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  Comments Off on Hellgate : London IAHGames Server Wipe!

Just bloody incredible!

No point playing it again until they do the bloody server upgrade and database wipe.
Back to fraggin’ for XP in Enemy Territory : Quake Wars I guess.

On the other hand, I just installed Bid for Power 2.1 on my gaming rig. Perhaps I will try it out and post the results here.

Just tried out Bid for Power, graphics are too dated, can’t seem to load bots into the game. Failed to impress me, uninstall-ed and deleted.

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Smooth Saturday

10 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Smooth Saturday

10 November 2007, Saturday

Yesterday was Disastrous Friday, well today I’m gonna call it “Smooth Saturday”. :mrgreen:

Yesterday Evening – Darling cooled down a lot after 2nd aunt left, in the end she decided to invite Meng Sing over for the night. When we got back from Wangsa Maju, it was quite late already, about 11pm something. I slept on the floor while the girls took the bed, I fell asleep first as the girls continued to chatter away into the night.

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I’m an Accountant

10 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on I’m an Accountant


(Submissive Introverted Concrete Thinker)


You are an ACCOUNTANT (SICT)— reserved, meticulous, and dependable. You aren’t exactly the life of the party, but you do have fun, and the people close to you really do love you.There are basically two kinds of accountants, and you most likely fit into one of the two categories:

  • male
  • female

Seriously: accountants are good at whatever they do. They can always be trusted, especially by their friends. They almost never cheat or steal. (Some real-life accountants do, however, they are probably Judges (DICT)). You probably have a wonderful relationship with your family.


Today, I revisited an old site that I used to visit it for the various fun tests it offered – www.thespark.com, found out that it has changed its domain name into www.sparknotes.com instead. But the classic tests are still there though, I just took my Personality Test. I’m an Accountant! Heh.

Disastrous Day

9 Nov 2007 | Personal |  1 comment

9 November 2007, Friday

Morning – Wake up, pass motion, game, just the usual routine. All was good and normal until I got fired upon, so what is it again this time? She thought that I did not do what was requested by her, and apparently this pisses her off greatly. She told me to “open” the can of something-can’t-remember-its-name, I proceed to “open” it, discovered that it was already “opened”. Hence, I “closed” it back.

While sitting outside the room at my computer desk, all of a sudden she opened the door, with a not-very-happy-but-in-fact-angry look on your face, demanded that I come in, which I obliged, of course. She thought that I did not do what she requested, I just show her that I already done that. In an instant, she transformed from a ferocious and angry tiger into a cute little pussy cat, saying “Oh, sorry oh.” ain’t woman the most amazing creatures in this world? Yeah.

Dad came into the office a bit earlier today, he wanted to pick up some name cards to distribute and to work on his pre-cast panel design for a bit. He taught me a few things about them, for example like the placement reinforcement main and supporting steel bars, lifting hooks, etc. He left the office around 10am, we did a “half-hug” and I bid my Dad a safe journey.

Darling called up around 11:20am and promptly invited me to lunch, and so I went to pick her up around 12pm. All was well, until we got home, after I finished talking to 2nd Aunt and Dad, it was then she started to boil, and boiled up real hot, she did.

Afternoon – It appeared that she was extremely pissed off by the way I talked to Dad, she was so angry that she just bolted off and walked out like that. I had to rush my car out, begged her to get on board, so I can drive her to her office safely.

All the time, I told others not to “make assumptions”, as making assumptions can lead to misunderstandings and ultimately, heated arguments, fights etc. To put it shortly, I made an assumption and it appeared that I was wrong. The end result? She got pissed off greatly, and hence I must live with the consequences of making this silly little mistake. Must remind myself not to repeat it again, ever. Aye.

Went to have my hair cut at “Mei Chi” there, the next door saloon where my 3rd Aunt lives at currently. Its been quite a while since I last visited them, primarily due to the fact that darling believes that I can get a prettier hair cut else where. RM10 for a hair cut, I consider that quite reasonable, I guess. Save up some dough here, so my darling can have a bit more to spend, a win-win situation eh?

Evening – 3rd Aunt called up, fussed about our company’s address being displayed incorrectly in some online company listings, questioned if I am coming to office tomorrow morning. I am not really quite sure myself, so I just told her that I would kindly let her know later. Its 5:25pm now, Howli left, she asked me if I am coming in tomorrow or not. I don’t really know, pathetic, eh? I just told her that if I am not coming in tomorrow, I would let her know.

Darling sms-ed me around 4pm something, told me to come back after 5:30pm as her colleague is driving her back home. Easily obliged, I told myself. Never realized that blogging can take up so much time, it certainly needs time to write stuff. Heh.

I look forward to an uninterrupted gaming session this evening, hopefully 2nd Aunt does not bombard me with too many questions, or engage me in some discussion about Buddhism again. Then again, a refresher course in Buddhism is not that bad, people tend to forget. After all, we are still but mere mortals in this physical realm that we call “Earth”.