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Hellgate : London @ IAHGAMES – Free One(1) Month Subscription to compensate server wipe

11 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  3 comments

As I have mentioned earlier in this post, IAHGames are going to wipe their server database so that they could properly implement the infamous Patch 0, I forgot to point out that they are actually giving away an extra month worth of subscription to “compensate”.

Well, compensate my foot! An extra month worth of subscription is worthless to me, as I have absolutely no intention of subscribing to Hellgate : London @ IAHGames, or any other monthly subscription based games.

Nonetheless, I have started a poll at the official Hellgate : London IAHGames forum and amusingly, quite a number of people responded. They are probably frustrated by the fact that their characters would be wiped by this coming Monday, and it would serve no real point to continue playing until the server upgrade and player database wipe is completed.

Flag Ship Studios should have put in more effort into this game, after all it is their first release. There were so much hype behind this game and personally, I think this game is over-hyped.

Gamespot PC gave Hellgate : London a review score of 7.0 and well, I think that a suitable score for them. The game has its funs, but it still has its fair share of technical issues that needs to be tackled.

Comparing this game with ArenaNet’s Guild Wars, which was released 2 years ago back in April 2005, Gamespot PC gave it a review score of 9.2 and this is way higher than the newly released Helgate : London by Flag Ship Studios.

Both the founders of these companies, ArenaNet and Flag Ship Studios are originally from Blizzard North, the Blizzard division that created Diablo 2 in the first place. ArenaNet appeared to be doing better with their first game, if we compare these scores, of course. Furthermore, I certainly do not recall experiencing that many game breaking bugs when I first started playing Guild Wars back in May 2005.

Anyway, it is a shame that the initial launch of Hellgate : London seems like a blunder, well, to me, of course. Especially Hellgate : London @ IAHGames, just downright disappointing, paid to beta test their servers. Just bloody incredible! Brilliant!


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  1. 20th April 2008 
    6:32 am         

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  3. 20th April 2008 
    7:50 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    This is only applicable for Hellgate : London Asia only. 😐

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