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Smooth Saturday

10 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Smooth Saturday

10 November 2007, Saturday

Yesterday was Disastrous Friday, well today I’m gonna call it “Smooth Saturday”. :mrgreen:

Yesterday Evening – Darling cooled down a lot after 2nd aunt left, in the end she decided to invite Meng Sing over for the night. When we got back from Wangsa Maju, it was quite late already, about 11pm something. I slept on the floor while the girls took the bed, I fell asleep first as the girls continued to chatter away into the night.

Morning – Woke up, saw a text message in my cellphone. So darling wants me to purchase Roti Canai for breakfast, no problemo. Usual routine, get out of bed, check torrent downloads, water drinking session, pass motion toilet session, fast and furious gaming session. So little time, so much to do, simply not enough time. :?:

Ended gaming session, bought Roti Canai, went to office and worked on my site. Actually, I can’t recall if I gamed or not that Saturday morning. :neutral:

3rd aunt came in around 9am something, while Howli arrived later around 9:30am something. 3rd aunt mentioned about AirAsia photo contest, and she helped herself to the assembling of an old Dell computer as she wanted to upload the photos from her i camera to the PC. I recommended her to use the newer HP computer as the USB 2.0 provides much faster data transfer rate, and Windows XP Pro SP2 is certainly better to navigate then Windows 98.

I left the office around 10:50am, got home around 11:05am, darling called up twice and she ain’t happy. Luckily, her anger subsided rather quickly and I am grateful for that. I drove Meng Sing to Midvalley Megamall first, then I proceed to drive darling to Kimarie in SS2. We reached there around 11:40am, it was raining heavily then, a bloody down pour! So I walked her in, her stylist – Hanson was in, and much ready to serve her, so I took off.

Unfortunately for me, the drive back home was an agonizing test of patience as the traffic is very congested due to the heavy downpour, or any other reasons that I do not know of.

:mad: A bloody waste of my precious time! Bah!

Afternoon – After I bought Maria’s lunch – Mee Goreng and got back home, it was already 12:40pm, the time that darling recommended me to drive out from home to pick her up. Passed the box of Mee Goreng to Maria, went upstairs to do something on the PC, then off I go again.

:evil: Can’t seem to remember what I did on the PC, am I getting old?

She called while I was halfway there, worried that I would be late to pick her up as always, though I have never actually been late before to pick her up from Kimarie, SS2.

We went to have lunch at ONS Restaurant (wikimapia.org map reference) at Seapark, she had Asam Laksa while I tried out Curry Laksa with Beehun. Not bad, darling ended up finishing my bowl of Curry Laksa.

Can’t remember what time we reached home, should be around 2-3pm, 2nd aunt and 3rd aunt dropped by. Darling assumed that them 2 aunties would be staying around for dinner, so she sent a text message to her sister telling her to have dinner herself.

However, my 2 aunts left around 4pm. So darling told me to notify her sis to join us for dinner, I called her sis but she did not pick up the phone. So I decided to call her later, apparently darling did not share the same opinion as she was furious when she found out that I did not send a text message to her sis informing her the change of plans for tonight.

Evening – We drove out again as darling got a gym session at 5:30, I tried calling Andre and managed to get her sis on the phone. Unfortunately, darling snapped and start scolding her sister like a ferocious female tiger. Hence, it was very natural for her sister to be pissed off. I only wanted to let her sis know that she can come over for dinner tonight, but before I had a chance to do that, darling already ripped her sis apart with her venomous words.

Apparently, darling was furious because her sis did not report to her about when she would be coming over. Darling carried on to rant about how her sis forgets everyone else when she is spending time with guys, go out to have fun etc.

I dropped darling off at the gym, drove back. While on the way back, I called up her sis and talked to her. Turns out that sis left her phone in her room and was downstairs talking with Andre, as it was raining quite heavily that afternoon, they did not go anywhere. Originally, Andre intended to bring her sis for a lunch treat at The Secret Recipe at Mid Valley Megamall.

Anyway, after gotten back home for an hour or so, I’m back out again to pick her up. Talked to darling about her sis, as she seemed to have somewhat calmed down. Darling said, call sis up, see if she wants to come over, if she does not want to come over, let her be. So I called her up, sis still not happy, so she said she is not coming over for dinner and for the over night stay at our place.

With that settled, we head back for home. My cellphone beeped and I received a text message, turns out it was from Ah Liang. Showed darling the message, then we decided to pick up sis after I sent darling back home first. To cut a long story short, I talked to her sis for quite a long time before I managed to cool her down and get her back home.

All was well after that, them 2 sisters finally stopped bickering. I made darling promise not to scold her sis when I am going out to bring her back home. Anger does not accomplish anything but only serve to make us even more miserable.

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