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Hellgate : London Suggestion – Alternative Business Model

10 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  0 comments

Finally! It appeared that Flag Ship Studios did take up my advise and opened a suggestions forum, time to bombard that area with my suggestions. ^_^

Original Link here.

However, you can only access the forum if you have an account there. So far, only beta testers and US game box Hellgate : London retail purchasers have access to the official Flag Ship Studios – Hellgate : London Community Forum.

Anyway, the following is what I wrote in there:

Dear Flag Ship Studios, Hellgate : London Community,

I would to suggest Flag Ship Studios to consider an “Alternative Business Model”, possibly to earn more income from the non-subscribers.
But how? One method is to “Sell” Hellgate : London “Packages” to the players, for example:

Allow players to purchase and add the following features to their account, for a reasonable monetary amount as approved by Flag Ship Studios:
– Additional Extra Character Slots
– Ability to create a Guild
– Ability to participate in a particular special event
– Ability to create an Elite character
– Ability to create a Hardcore character
– Ability to access new areas
– Ability to access new professions / classes
– etc

This “alternative business model” would [b][u]not replace[/b][/u] the existing subscription based business model, but instead give the currently non-subscribers a chance to support the software development company behind Hellgate : London – Flag Ship Studios.

Besides allowing the non-subscribing Hellgate : London player community to support Flag Ship Studios in monetary terms, the non-subscribing Hellgate : London player community should also be satisfied and happy, as they are able to experience some of the benefits that the subscribers are currently enjoying.

Thank you.

/Signed most sincerely, FSS please consider and implement this proposal in the near future, thank you.

Signed! / Yes! / Support! / Agree! / Hoorah!

Not-Signed! / No! / Object! / Dis-Agree! / Boo!

Perhaps I should start an online petition at www.petitiononline.com, for those who are unable to access the official forums.

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