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Malaysian General Election 2008 – So, who are you gonna vote for?

29 Feb 2008 | Malaysia |  12 comments

Malaysia’s General Election is approaching soon and I decided to publish an assortment of videos, images, jokes, facts etc that I have come across. This post is dedicated to all fellow Malaysians who is not quite satisfied with the Gown-Own-Ment.

YouTube Videos
YB vs Blogger


The Voice of Democracy, Conscience of Parliament – DAP


BN (Barang Naik): The Wave Of Price Hike 加价热潮


Memorable Quotes
Too late for me to register as a voter now, must register myself for the next election.
The head shots in the second image looks quite funny.Malaysia
My goodness! Are we gonna get mutilated by that keris?
I wonder if Mr. Samy Vellu is still able to hold his ground after what happened recently. Malaysia
I wonder if any mosque has been bull dozed and razed to the ground before aye?
We certainly ain’t gonna see these news being published in The Star. Malaysia
RM60 Million House? Where the poke did he get that amount of moolah?
Samseng politicians pulak …


A Hilarious Round Table Discussion (Joke)
Last But Not So Last …..Least
Pak Lah :
This is the last meeting we are going to have before I make my decision on who our candidates are. First of all, I would like to thank Keng Yaik and Affendi for voluntarily backing out. You are truly gentlemen. Anyone else wants to back out? Think of the party, not of yourself.

Najib :
I think Samy should back out la.

Samy :
Apa pasai? Why you think I should back out? Why not you?

Najib :
You are a liability to MIC and BN la Samy, accept it la.

Samy :
Aiyooh! What do you mean liability? Give me proof?

Hisham :
Ayo Samy, our intelligence report say, we will lose almost 100% of Indian votes if you still lead MIC. If you get lost, maybe we can bring it down to 60%.

Samy :
Pakla, don’t listen to this two young punks la. Let me read this report just sent to me. After extensive intelligence gathering, we find that 20% of the Indians hated Samy Velu. Ha, only 20% la, where got 100%?

Nazri :
Hey Samy I also got the same report la. Why don’t you continue?

Samy :
Okay, I’ll continue, 40% cannot stand to see his face and 35% will kill him if they were to meet him. 5% believe that he is a good leader. Ha, I still got 5% what?

Pak Lah :
Come on la Samy, you’ve been around for a long time already; you have made your money. You are even richer than me, so back out la. Think of the party la Samy.

Samy :
Yes, I am richer than you but Najib, 2 deals only is already richer than me, why not ask him also to go? His submarine and Sukhoi and Altantunya also make him a liability what.

Pak Lah :
I know that one, but he is from UMNO, that is the difference. The Malays will accept corrupt Malay leaders, as long as they potong, its okay.

Samy :
Oh, kalu chunik potong kalu, berapa banyak rasuah pun takpa ka? Mana adil ini macam Pakla?

Najib :
That is the way it is in this country Samy. We all from UMNO got immunity, you people, tadak potong punya, don’t.

Samy :
No, saya akan tetap bertanding.

Kayveas :
Adei Samy, listen to them la, what they say is true la. Don’t talk about justice all la, as if you are concerned about justice. This is not the place to be talking about justice la old man. We want to win. If that means you will be dropped then so be it.

Samy :
Dei Kayveas, you just shut up la. You budak lagi la, you apa tau? What you want to be champions of the Indians ka? If I am forced to back out, I make sure you go down with me. Hey, Mahathir also cannot force me out la.

Kayveas :
Tengok Pakla, tadak guna punya Hindu. Think of himself only. Just shoot him la Pakla, don’t give chance. Najib, itu C4 lagi ada ka? Mari kita sekarang taroh itu C4 sama dia. Cilaka punya orang.

Keng Yaik :
Samy ah, enough la. So long already you in the cabinet. You want to stay until you die ka? What you think they will bury you in the Makam Pahlawan ka? Every time people curse you la. Now even your own race cannot stand you, give up la Samy. Come join me la. We all retire. After all, we are not sure if we are going to win this time around. BN also not sure going to win or not.

Pak Lah :
What are you talking about Kheng Yaik? Why you say like that? Lu jaga lu punya mulut ah Apek.

Keng Yaik :
No la Pak Lah, If everyone wants to deny us 2/3 majority, then all of them would not vote us la. We may lose more than just 1/3 la. Haiya, that one also cannot see ah?

Pak Lah :
Maybe the Chinese or Indians la Keng Yaik, not the Malays la. The Malays love UMNO.

Keng Yaik :
Are you sure ah Pak Lah? Now even the Chinese and Indians are willing to vote PAS if it is the only opposition available to them, don’t you think that there would be Malays willing to vote DAP? Don’t be foolish la Pak Lah. Until now still cannot get Kelantan despite all the dirty tricks. Who are majority voters in Kelantan? Malys la, some more what.

Pak Lah :
Betoi ka dia kata tu Najib?

Najib :
Jangan dengar cakap orang tua penyembur tu la Pak lah. Orang Melayu takkan lupa UMNO punya. Orang Melayu rela mati untuk UMNO

Nazri :
Ntah la, ada lojik jugak cakap Keng Yaik tu. Memang la orang Melayu rela mati untuk UMNO tapi rela ka dia mati untuk kita?

Pak Lah :
Apa yang orang Melayu tak puaih hati lagi dengan kita? Kita bagi macam-macam kat depa, apa lagi dia mau?

Kah Ting :
Lu mau tau ka? Dia olang tengok sumua itu UMNO punya olang besar manyak kaya. Bikin lumah banyak besar. Keleta 4, 5, sumua mahal-mahal punya. Dulu punya Melayu punya UMNO punya olang tak buat itu macam. Kalau dia kaya pun, dia tak tunjuk sama olang. Sekalang punya UMNO punya olang manyak sombong oh. Dia kaya, dia selalu tunjuk. Dia tak takot punya. Itu olang Melayu biasa tak suka la ini macam punya sombong punya olang.

Nazri :
Apa, salah ka dia beli rumah besar dan kereta besar? Apa orang Cina saja ka buleh beli rumah besar. Pak Lah, letak Kah Ting kat Tanjong tengok. Jom kita tengok orang Cina suka kat dia ka tak?

Keng Yaik :
Tak salah, tapi baru 2, 3 hari jadi menteri sudah kaya ka? Dia punya gaji berapa? Dulu jaga gate keretapi sekarang boleh bikin Istana, orang tak heran ka la Pak Lah? Your weakness ah, is that you think the Malays are stupid. They are not la Pak Lah. Many have opened their eyes la. Many are not ignorant anymore.

Pak Lah :
Alah, kalau kalah pun, kalah sikit saja.

Keng Yaik :
Sorry ha Pak Lah if I say something. You have been sleeping too much, you have lost touch with reality.

Pak Lah :
I think ah Keng Yaik, you don’t resign la. This year you stand in Permatang Pauh, mau ka?

Samy :
Pak Lah, saya macam mana?

Pak Lah :
Meeting adjourn la, semua balik dulu. Saya mengantok ni. Nanti lain kali la.


An Open Letter of some sorts? Addressed to Najib perhaps?
Bankrupting the nation Najib style

I refer to the local daily on 31st Dec 2007  quoting Najib, our DPM saying “The opposition’s promises to reduce oil prices if it were to form a government will only bankrupt the country”.

Datuk Seri DPM, I would like to share with you on the same subject on bankrupting the nation on a bigger perspective. I came from a very poor family. My mother who lost her husband at the age of 35 years old had never remarried but maintained the role of a father and mother in a house. With having no land, no education and a meager income of RM145 dollars a month, we came out of poverty simply because of mother persistence and pressure that we must work to better ourselves.

My mother serves the role of the financial manager at home, managing cash flow and debt. On several occasion we had to borrow a bag of rice or flour but it she makes a point of repaying back. How does she goes about and bringing up 4 successful children despite the poor financial knowledge. The one that she thought me is to make the most out of a Ringgit.

In this context, I can say the present government financial, purchases policy and contract actually is the one that will bankrupt the nation. The government is effectively paying RM 3 for something that cost RM1 when in actual fact by virtue of volume, it could get it at the price of 80 cents. Let us look at the major transaction that took place in the last couple of years

a. Purchase of Sukhoi Jets using an intermediary company belonging to former Malacca Chief Minister – RM 1.8 bill. I was informed by the company staff (Nor) , who’s also the Dato key person that the company made a clean profit of RM 900 mill of which is distributed to various funds held by UMNO top people. Logic will tell you that, in the history of this country military purchases it has always been on G to G basis and not trough a private entity who has no expertise except being a middle man. In any country it is the same. Don’t give a cock and bull story that the supplier is giving the commission and they are the one who insist that they used an intermediary. We have the money, if we tell the supplier we only deal with principal, they will follow – those with money are Kings. They are the one calling the shots. When we can buy 24 aircraft, we just buy 12 and we include other mumbo jumbo’s in the package.

b. Purchase of submarine. Again the same argument applies.

c. RMN ships – We spent RM4.5 bill but where are the ships. How come money is being paid to builder who has no experience and it cost 3 times more than buying direct in overseas. In actual fact only 2 ships were built and money for 6 ships has been paid. From what I gather in the media, the documents pertaining to this payments has disappeared at the company level as well as at Ministry of Finance level. What a coincidence.

d. MAS share purchase. Mahathir one says ” Melayu mudah lupa”. .. well Tun .. sorry to say not all Melayu has short memory. The government paid RM8.00 per share for 30% share that is held by Tajuddin Ramli when the prevaling market price is RM3.50. First of all the government is the golden shareholder in the company which has certain powers as dictated by the share holder agreement. There wasn’t a need to pay RM8.00 for a company with NAV of less than RM1.00 (at that time). Even if has to accumulate enough share to effectively control the company, they should have bought from the various government related agencies like EPF who has 20% shares and other agencies like LTAT and the from the general public. When the prevaling market price is RM3.50, I think if the government offer RM5.00 every single citizen who hold shares in the company will sell the share to them. Instead they chose to pay RM8. What a joke.

Mr. DPM, I believe before we can claim that others will bankrupt the nation, the government of the day must examine its own records. It has clearly shown that it is in the process of bankrupting the nation with a one sided agreement with Toll concessionaires and other contract’s. What I have mention is only the Tip of the Iceberg. What intrigues me is that when the DG Audit can pick up purchases of cameras and other small things but they failed to look at bigger purchases.

Regards and best wishes,
Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan bin Abdul Rahman


Regarding Anwar
Irrelevant…or not?
When BN = UMNO, it has become a Useless Malaysian National Organization (UMNO). Look at history and you will know the relevant. Vote BN, Negara Anda Jadi Ikan Bilis (NAJIB); Your Country Becomes Small Fish because Petrol price will increase by RM 0.40 per litre, otherwise, the BN government will bankrupt. This is not Islamic…………..cheating, corrupt, hypocrisy..read on..

Is Anwar Ibrahim Irrelevant?
By A Political Neutral

The most famous term used by BN leaders is Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) is irrelevant, is this true? I was beginning to believe that maybe their claim was justified as it was being mentioned repeatedly over the months until I had personally attended his Ceramah at Buntong and Dewan Tow Bee Keong in Ipoh on the 11-1-08 between 7.30-11pm.

There were banners displayed at several places around Ipoh for a Chinese New Year celebration with DSAI at Dewan Tow Bee Keong, so a crowd of 5,000, mostly Chinese did not take me by surprise. However, a crowd of more than 5,000 people at Buntong with a days notice and organizing it at a small terrace house, with no stage was an eye opener. So why was there such a large crowd? Why an ‘irrelevant’ person able to create such hype.

The mere presence of Anwar Ibrahim created euphoria, his aura was immense, I was 50 meters away from him but I could feel the vibe, the urge to pay close attention to what he was going to say, he was a born LEADER. It’s just like walking into a temple with strong vibration where you feel the sense of calmness and serenity. Anwar is definitely relevant!!!

He did not scream all the way as most politician do, but there was pin drop silence when his tone of voice was soft, I mean pin drop silence amongst the Buntong crowd! He kept the crowd cheering and laughing all the way throughout his hour long speech. He was instantly a big hit amongst the Buntong crowd. He received the same ovation at Dewan Tow Bee Keong as well.

So what were the issues addressed and why should we vote for any opposition party whether its KEADILAN, DAP or PAS.

1. Rising price of oil and all essential goods.
He insists that petrol price would be reduced immediately once he is PM. In contrast, Najib claims that the country would become bankrupt if this was done, so how would it be possible. Simple, presently PETRONAS annual profit after tax is RM80 billion, take RM10 billion from it and further subsidize the petrol would not have any material effect on the government revenue as we are an oil exporting nation. During his 8 year tenure as Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, oil was kept at RM1.10/litre when profits from Petronas was between RM25 – 30 billion annually. Remember that most robust projects were also undertaken during this period but we never went buzz. After his sacking in September 1998, petrol rose in October 1998 and tol rates rose in November 1998.

2. Free education from primary to tertiary education.
Hah! Bolehkah ini? Mana boleh? Well, another RM10 billion would do from Petronas profit, simple as that. When you can manage with RM 30 billion, why can’t you manage with RM60 billion from Petronas. He says that this is God given gift to the people, at least half of which should go back to the people in some way or rather. What is the point of the nation being rich yet the rakyat being poor?

3. Racial tension like never before
Why so much misconception between races, we are all Malaysians. The annual government revenue is RM200 billion, to a population of 27 million is one the highest in the world, so there is no need to quarrel, we all can share the cake. So where is the problem, the bulk of the cake is being gobbled by few BN component leaders and leaving the poor rakyat to feel that we are being robbed by the other race. Morgan Stanley reported than corruption has cost the nation RM100 billion since 2004.

So please, let’s unite and fight the true enemy, please pass this important message to as many as possible, because as election draws closer, and if BN is on the verge of
defeat, they may just stir this sentiment as they have done in the past while we fall victims.

4. Brain drain and lack of opportunities
Many non-Bumis are with the perception that they are being deprived of tertiary education even after obtaining the best possible results, true. But who are the true
beneficiaries, remember that only 30% of the Bumis are either professionals or some how benefited from the growth of the country or somehow is a crony to some prominent individuals. They are the ones able to give their children quality secondary education and they are the ones who have most benefited from government scholarships and tertiary education. The remaining 70% of Bumis are still neglected and aren’t given much opportunity just as the non-Bumis.

He promised to help the most deserving Bumis (70% who are still poor) and the most deserving non-Bumis from tertiary education to government job employment.

5. Chinese and Tamil schools
He vowed to make all schools as fully government aided schools if keADILan was to come to power. I wouldn’t want to repeat the financial means as I’ve already done so.

6. Fear of PAS or DAP
This is BN propaganda, PAS is contesting in 60 seats and DAP even less, neither party on its own can come to power. Fear is put amongst non-Muslims that PAS are too radical, likewise DAP are a communist organization. Neither is true, 75% of non-muslims vote in Kelantan in the 2004 election went to PAS, there must be something right with PAS and something not so right with BN for people resorting to choose PAS. Lim Guan Eng served 2 years in jail protecting an underaged Malay girl
who was having an affair with a top UMNO leader. Are they communist?

Anyway, keADILan would have to win the most number of seats with PAS and DAP making up the numbers for them to govern. So, please do not fear PAS or DAP. Either they would be ideal oppositions in parliament or a coalition party in a keADILan led multiracial government.

Likewise many other issues were addressed. Now the big question is, can Anwar be trusted? Well, how much worst can he be compared to the current leaders. Is there any credible leader in UMNO who can turn this country around? Petrol price is to increase again in April ’08. All essential goods are going to go higher. Malaysia’s Foreign Direct Investment (pelaburan asing) has dwindled from top spot in the 90’s to 6th in 2007 after Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines in South East Asia. Anwar is a
leading financial adviser to many large institution and businessman for investment opportunities in South East Asia.

University ranking has dropped below 200 wherelse Univeristy of Singapore are No.3 in Asia and Indian Institute of Tech. are top 10 in the world. Anwar is currently serves as a professor in Harvard and Oxford Universities, needless for me to say about the reputation of these two top class universities.

With all these in mind, why can’t we give him 5 years to prove himself. We have prejudged him as untrustworthy, well, he was in UMNO, to be a leader in UMNO, you must be a fanatic Malay, likewise MCA and MIC because they are race based parties. Now he has formed a multiracial party to fight for all regardless of race and religion but promised to protect the Malay rights as stipulated in the constitution. It’s TIME FOR CHANGE. VOTE WISELY.


Deimos’s Daily Reads
Since this post is about Malaysia, so today’s Daily Reads would be blog posts from fellow Malaysian Blogger’s. Need to spread some local link love too, aye.

Anime Screenie King Kenny stated that he is not going to sell his soul, though I still if he is going to vote for the Gown-Own-Ment or against it.

Little Chen‘s friend brought a toy cockroach to class one day and brought heaps of fun. This reminded me of how I despise cockroaches and would do my best to flatten one whenever I saw one.

Looks like Big Chen is going to United States as she plastered a map of America in her post. For myself, I don’t fancy traveling around and prefer to rest at home instead.

Fellow Malaysian – Wan Kong Yew who is currently somewhere in the Solomon Islands wrote an article titled – $10 million note for Zimbabwe – and after going through it, I realized that one 10 million note alone is not enough to buy a burger? What the poke? Totally inflated currency!

Child hood classmate Louise shared some memoirs of her past and also announced that she is going to take up French lessons! Bon appetite? Bon jour? Cest la vie? Haha!

Deimos’s Thoughts
A real shame that I did not register myself to vote yet. “Another vote wasted” said a friend of mine who runs a miscellaneous construction supplies trading shop in Banting.

Deimos Asks
So, if you can vote, who would you vote for? For the Gown-Own-Ment or against it?


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  1. 29th February 2008 
    6:17 pm         

    said the following:

    You better “jaga2” ah Deimos, or you will be arrested under ISA hahaha 😆 😆 😆
    So, if you can vote, who would you vote for? For the Gown-Own-Ment or against it?

    I will still vote for Gown-Own-Ment cause the Gown-Own-Ment’s ad shows Malaysia in prosperous and happiness while, DAP’s ad don’t have Melayu Y.B, PAS and Keadilan don’t have any ads at all 😆 😆 😆 Just kidding “jangan marah eh”,and by the way I never register, do you think I can be another “ghost voter” on this election day, maybe I’ll try and if I can I will definetely vote for oppositions, cause they’re the one that fight the “ghost voters” issues 😛

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  3. 29th February 2008 
    8:27 pm         

    said the following:

    I did not register this time, so miss out the chance for this election..

    I have nothing much to comment, but 1 thing is hope the POLICE really go to do their job, catch some big crime and don always eat snake, stand on the roadsite and ask people treat coffee!

    Really just like a legal pirate!

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  5. 29th February 2008 
    9:01 pm         

    said the following:

    good post exposing all the atrocities by this gown-own-ment. I’ll vote DAP in my area.

    Go check ur id at http://www.spr.gov.my/ to make sure u didn’t become a “ghost” 😛

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  7. 29th February 2008 
    9:44 pm         

    said the following:

    @Yoshi, yilek. “Rekod tidak dijumpai” 😆

    Padan muka aku 😛 Can’t vote this time 😆

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  9. 29th February 2008 
    9:49 pm         

    said the following:

    @icalvyn, I think personally those old timer police was the one that eat snakes, etc, now policeman mostly don’t do that anymore, but still I think there are a few that still eat snake 😡

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  11. 1st March 2008 
    9:24 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Wah! I post stuff like this ISA want to tangkap me also har? 😕
    Those robbers, murderers they don’t go and tangkap. ➡
    What is a “ghost voter” ah? 💡


    Well, that’s what they are good at, earning coffee monies. 😀
    Hunting for bad guys put their lives at risk. 😈
    Plus, they are not highly paid to do that. 😐
    Who pays for their family’s expenses if something happened to them? 😯


    Who are you going to vote initially? 🙂
    Ah! What’s a “ghost” yo? ❓


    It says my record not found also. 😛
    I have not register so no record there yet. 🙄
    Eat snake? Snaking is it? Actually, they are still doing it. 😎
    Once, I had to settle a police summons for speeding. 🙁
    Went to police station, told me to pay them RM150. 😮
    A while later, got the receipt, it wrote RM100. 😥


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  13. 1st March 2008 
    3:33 pm         

    said the following:

    @Deimos, then you should ask them why? 😡 So, how much you paid 150 ah? Next time you make kecoh2, why is this 100 and the person told me 150,like that 😆 sure they’ll don’t dare 😆

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  15. 1st March 2008 
    5:03 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    If I make kecoh, I won’t be here to tell you the story now. 😮

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  17. 1st March 2008 
    9:18 pm         

    said the following:

    I am neutral. I will vote for the good of Malaysia. And I am not going to sell my soul over this election. I will vote with my soul intact and for the good of Malaysia. I have had enough. 50 years and Malaysia is still lagging behind. Time for a change.

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  19. 1st March 2008 
    10:49 pm         

    said the following:

    @Deimos, yeah sure they’ll put u under ISA 😆 😆 😆

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  21. 4th March 2008 
    9:51 am         

    said the following:

    hi everyone check ur status here: http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftarbi.asp

    I receive some funny mails, they said even a dead person can still vote. Thats why BN always win…haha

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  23. 18th March 2008 
    9:14 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Wah! If like this also kena tangkap, then banyak people will kena oh. 😮


    Ya, BN has lots of ghost voters! 😐
    Anyway, they lost it big this time around. 😛