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Remembering Lion Boy, Lion Girl

21 Nov 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Remembering Lion Boy, Lion Girl

A couple of weeks ago (can’t remember exactly when), my primary school mate – LewKS suggested that I scan the photos of 3H, 5H and 6H for memories sake. So I did scan them, after a few friendly reminders from Lewks himself.

Anyway, I also decided to scan some photos of my old doggies who passed away in the year 1999 (Lion Girl) and year 2001 (Lion Boy). Aye, rest in peace, my beloved doggies. Staring at those visibly aged photos again caused me to shed some tears, guess I am a sentimental person after all aye? The same applies if I stare at my grandma and grandpa’s screenies for too long.

Lion Boy: “I’m flying without wings!”
Mum and Lion Boy. He sure looks happy aye?


Meet Mum, the goddess of doggies!
All doggies kowtow before all mighty Mum!
Or maybe her feet smells funny?


A happy looking Lion Girl.
Lion Boy seems to be taking a poop?


Lion Boy: “Yeheheheheh! Ticklish! Stop Tickling me!”
Lion Girl: “Hmmm. Your ear looks delicious…”
I hope he didn’t sleep on his poops…


Lion Boy: “Oh babe! It feels like I’m on top of the world! Wohoo!”
Lion Girl: “What’s this? Looks yummy…”


Me Bro and Lion Girl. Lion girl was me bro’s favorite doggie back then.
Lion Boy failed to appear in the screenie.


Bro and Lion Boy. Lion Boy was my favorite.


The above photos are taken in the year 1994, that’s more than 10 years already. Time sure flies aye. Though it has been almost 7-8 years since their passing, I can still remember the details. A bit, if not all.

Lion Girl
It all started when she got hit by a car one evening, we didn’t take her to a vet as she appeared okay. However, on a particular night a week later her accident, she started to scream (howl) non-stop in agony.

We were all shocked, she was limping, crawling into the living room, then she did a final leap and landed on the marble floor. Breathing heavily, she stopped screaming, but if we touch her, she yelled out real loud. In the end, we carried her to the back of the house, placed her a box and gave her a blanket. She seems to have stopped howling, seemed more at peace. So I went to bed, hoping that she would get better the following day.

She did not get better physically, it seems that she passed away yesterday night after I went to bed. I think Mum witness it and yeah, she was very sad. I was very sad with her passing as well, it felt like we lost a member of the family.

Dad and I carried, placed the box together with Lion Girl into the back of the car, drove to a nearby hill area, found a suitable spot, dug a hole and buried her. Rest in peace, mate.

Lion Boy
The last time I saw him was about 5am something in the morning, before I went to bed. Back then, my sleeping hours was total upside down. Everyday, before I went to bed I would go out, take a peek at him to see if he is okay. I certainly did not expect that, that particular day is the last day I get to see him alive. He did not sleep, was still standing there, moving about, dunno what he is doing or trying to do.

Next thing I know, it was 9am something, me Mum was screaming from downstairs, yelling out loudly that Lion Boy was dead and shouting for me to get up. I jumped to my feet, rushed downstairs and outside, only to see Lion Boy inside a container, inside a rubbish truck.

Me Mum promptly explained that he gave the good Indian Tamil rubbish collector fifty (50) Ringgit to help bury Lion Boy, she said that there was no one around to help her bury Lion Boy. I was simply too half shocked and half awake to respond to the situation at that time, only stood there and watch as the rubbish truck carried a now quite rigid and stiff looking Lion Boy away.

When I think back of this event every time, I regret that I did not pull Lion Boy out of the rubbish truck to give him a proper and decent burial.

After I went back into the house, I could not hold back the tears. I sobbed and sobbed for dunno how long, again it felt like I just lost another family member.

Well, at least now I still have some photos of them.

Yeah, I’m a doggie lover, a doggie person, basically I grew up together with doggies. Lion Boy’s offsprings – Mickey Handsome Boy and Baby Girl still lives on, though the both of them are pretty old already. Both of them are born in 1996, it would be 2008 soon, making them 12 years old. They say that one human year is equivalent to 7 doggie years? So, they would be like 84 years old or something?

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