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Loadout Beta Giveaway – Winner!

20 Apr 2013 | PC |  1 comment
Loadout Beta Giveaway One winner for the Loadout Beta Giveaway held on 7 April 2013 will be announced today which is 20 April 2013 but since this is a post date blog post so this blog post is actually published on 23 April 2013 instead. Deimos will attempt to use Facebook to contact the winner to hand over the beta key.

The following people participated:
1. Kimari Jones
2. Thomas Chin
3. Neil K Guingcangco
4. Neville Thornton
5. William Su

They all left a comment on this Facebook wall post:

And the winner shall be – Neil K Guingcangco

Please contact Deimos for the Loadout Beta Key.

Thank you all for participating!

It all started with the Weekly Steam Games Giveaway:

One Comment

  1. 28th April 2013 
    1:01 am         

    said the following:

    Wow i won and i never checked this post :/

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