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Straw Hat Samurai – Download

2 Oct 2008 | Action, Flash |  11 comments

Fancy playing the role of a samurai wearing a straw hat, slicing up people by drawing a line over them? Check out this Straw Hat Samurai flash game to fulfill your samurai fantasies.

Download Straw Hat Samurai (Version 1.5 | File Size ~ 829.56 KB)
Download the ZIP archive: straw-hat-samurai.zip

Straw Hat Samurai – Title Menu
Straw Hat Samurai
There is only one play button, so click it and start playing!

Straw Hat Samurai – Tutorial
Straw Hat Samurai
Or just click on anywhere on screen and your straw hat samurai will slowly walk towards it.

Straw Hat Samurai – Draw and Slash!
Straw Hat Samurai
Yes, you kill your enemies by drawing a line with the mouse, sounds easy enough aye?

Straw Hat Samurai – Sliced!
Straw Hat Samurai
Imagine if those were real men instead of scarecrows, it would be real bloody, ya?

Straw Hat Samurai – Map
Straw Hat Samurai
A map! Click on the circles to travel to those locations respectively.

Straw Hat Samurai – Player Stats
Straw Hat Samurai
A record of your progress can be found in the player stats menu, no head shots yet?

Straw Hat Samurai – Sliced!
Straw Hat Samurai
The screen turns bloody red once you cleared an area. Nice effect, no?

Straw Hat Samurai – Head Shots!
Straw Hat Samurai
Draw a line at their heads, and you will proceed to slice off their heads. Head shots!

Straw Hat Samurai – Bow Tutorial
Straw Hat Samurai
You will need to use the bow and arrow to take out tower guards later on.

Straw Hat Samurai – Guard Tower Captured!
Straw Hat Samurai
Get a bird eyes’ view from on top of the guard tower after you have captured it.

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Deimos’s Thoughts
Decent graphics, simple yet effective and fun game play, with only 728 KB worth of data in file size, this is a good flash game that you don’t come across everyday.

Deimos Asks
Do people still practice the way of the samurai nowadays in this modern world?


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  1. 3rd October 2008 
    3:05 pm         

    said the following:

    u’ve been nominated by me. Pls check out my blog. :mrgreen:

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  3. 4th October 2008 
    3:40 am         

    said the following:

    😈 😈 time to kill some stuff 😈 😈

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  5. 5th October 2008 
    7:36 pm         

    said the following:

    samurai eh ..
    i think it’s possible,
    just maybe unknown to us.

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  7. 7th October 2008 
    12:19 am         

    Hye Munar
    said the following:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Deimos. I think this game is worth my time specially when I am bored and get used to blogging. Thanks for the graphi 😛 cs.

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  9. 24th March 2009 
    6:04 pm         

    Felix elbert lawin
    said the following:

    😈 I love ripping stuff

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  11. 14th August 2009 
    4:58 am         

    Tha Pawn
    said the following:

    I wanna know how to make a ninja smiley 🙁

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  13. 4th April 2010 
    7:29 pm         

    said the following:

    Da Sequel iz much better. Tryyyyyyy IIttt …..

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  15. 4th April 2010 
    7:43 pm         

    said the following:


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  17. 11th April 2010 
    11:57 pm         

    said the following:

    I got this problem when I was playing the game
    I left it and thought it has continue button or something
    then went to school…
    I can’t get Back to mu Previous LEVEL!!
    The strategy game lol

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  19. 14th March 2012 
    5:07 pm         

    said the following:

    Please use another link, don’t use mediafire! I don’t know why, but no link works with mediafire on my computer.

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  21. 17th February 2013 
    3:01 pm         

    said the following:

    Dead Link. Please reup