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Loadout Beta Giveaway

7 Apr 2013 | Action, PC |  Comments Off on Loadout Beta Giveaway
Loadout Beta Giveaway Deimos got one extra key for the Loadout beta so he will distribute it here. Hopefully someone will take it up. There are other sites offering more Loadout beta keys though. Lets simplify it more this time, just comment on the Facebook status wall post for a chance to get this beta key. No need to share.

Just leave a comment on this Facebook wall post:

It all started with the Weekly Steam Games Giveaway:

Check out some screen shots of the Loadout Beta here below.

Loadout Beta – Home! 
Loadout Beta Giveaway
The main menu when you load up the game. Latest news will be show here.

Loadout Beta – Start! 
Loadout Beta Giveaway
Only two character models for now so all you see are muscular buffed up guys. Hopefully more character models will be introduced later on. Need more sexy ladies!

Loadout Beta – Action!
Loadout Beta Giveaway
Ammunition is unlimited so just fire away! You still need to reload the weapons though. Some weapons do not need to be reloaded but may overheat.

Loadout Beta – Craft!
Loadout Beta Giveaway
The main attraction of this game is that you get to make your own weapons!

Loadout Beta – Death!
Loadout Beta Giveaway
Lots of death animations. Shown above is decapitation. Probably via a head shot.

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