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Silent Thoughts – Think, Cultivate, Action, Achieve

27 Feb 2008 | Wisdom |  5 comments


English Translation
Wiling to think
cultivate ourselves and
take mindful action
there is nothing we cannot achieve

Original Mandarin Version

Deimos Analyzes
To analyze and look at this from a Blogger’s point of view:

Wiling to think
– brainstorm to come up with creative, interesting, useful posts
– attempt to understand what the reader wants

cultivate ourselves
– become a good blogger
– develop social abilities
– refine writing skills

take mindful action
– work hard and smart to improve one’s blog
– network with fellow Bloggers sincerely
– never give up, persist till the end

there is nothing we cannot achieve
– become a notable Blogger
– well known and loved
– rise to the top

Deimos’s Daily Reads
The following are a short summary of posts which somehow interested me enough to finish reading them completely and made me write about them in this section. Wanna get featured? Drop your EntreCard into my Inbox.

It appears that the mighty Turnip of Power interviewed Graham via the Cyberspace. One ought to check it out if one is an EntreCarder. I certainly am looking forward to the proposed new additions and changes.

Mother of Three (3) GeekMom shared with us a short dialog between her and one of her kids. Though funny, it made me realize what my own mum went through in the past and what my Darling would undergo should we decide to have kids of our own one day.

Traveler of the physical realms – Gary “Stone Head” showcased a sea view screenie of Macau which reminded me that I have yet to reserve accommodation for my upcoming holiday trip to Hong Kong. Guess I better get started on that.

Tim came up with the second part of his analysis of profitability of long tail keywords and also introduced a useful SEO addon for FireFox as well.

The Asian Economist Nhuong Son who is now currently in Mainland China shared with us some pretty night screenies of Shanghai and Nanjing while explaining the energy situation over there.

Deimos’s Thoughts
The above mentioned in the analysis section is definitely easier said than done.

Deimos Asks
Are you a Blogger? Why do you blog? How long have you been blogging? Do you wish to become a successful blogger like John Chow or Darren Rowse one day?


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  1. 27th February 2008 
    4:59 pm         

    said the following:

    Are you a Blogger?
    Yes, a very green one 😆

    Why do you blog?
    I like to reviews, my toys especially 😉

    How long have you been blogging?
    Almost 3 months ❗

    Do you wish to become a successful blogger like John Chow or Darren Rowse one day?
    Of course I do, I like to be the best in anything I do. Like Wolverine said “I am the best at what I do, bub” 😎
    For me, I don’t planned to blog actually, just one day the idea came and I saw an opportunity on how to blog and I just grabbed it. So funny 😆 😆 😆 It’s like what they say, ‘bidan terjun’ 😆

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  3. 27th February 2008 
    6:05 pm         

    said the following:

    Wow! you ask difficult questions, I am a bloger and actually write a personal blog that I neglect and a professional one that I find it easier to maintain.
    Maybe it is just me but I found it a little boring to talk about myself, what I did and what I think about it all, I always found it easier to share my thoughts when I have a general direction such as my professional expertise. It is not that I don’t enjoy talking about myself it is just that I find it more fulfilling to share wisdom and insights in an area that is more concrete than philosophize over life as a whole.

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  5. 27th February 2008 
    6:48 pm         

    Geek Riddles
    said the following:

    Yes, everything can be achieved, if only we are willing to put in the hours of effort needed. I find that people say very often that they want to do something or that they’d like something very much (e.g. write a book, start a business etc) but they don’t have time, or money or whatever.

    I think the truth is, we get stuck at step 1 “willing to think”. We don’t allocate time to think of what could be done, how it could be achieved (e.g. wake up an hour earlier to write, or start a smaller business first etc). Thinking takes time, and if we don’t put in the hours, we don’t get anywhere.

    After step 1, everything will be much easier: cultivting ourselves (read more on the subject, sharpen the needed skills…), taking action (easy when you know what you want), and finally achieving it.

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  7. 27th February 2008 
    7:15 pm         

    Nhuong Son
    said the following:

    Are you a Blogger?
    I try my best to be a good blogger.

    Why do you blog?
    To share my opinions and thoughts about situation around me.

    How long have you been blogging?
    About 2 months now.

    Do you wish to become a successful blogger like John Chow or Darren Rowse one day?
    Of course, but they blog about blogging, I don’t so I can’t be exactly like them, but I would like to be well known in the blogging world.

    I believe that if you do good post, market your blog, make connection with other blogger then you’ll be successful, but everyone determine success in different ways, most blogger are out there for the money, that’s good for them. For me I am out there to make friends and share my thoughts, ads on my sites are there just to help pay for the domain name and hosting.

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  9. 29th February 2008 
    9:03 am         

    said the following:

    Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed my story. My kids are a great source of entertainment in our home, and I like to share some of that with the world. 🙂 To answer your queries, I’ve been blogging consistently for several months. I’m not blogging to become famous or rich. I just try to write stuff that people will enjoy reading, whether it’s helpful, funny, or thoughtful. I want people to feel welcome and comfortable on my blog, not like they’re being begged for money or bombarded with ads. :mrgreen: