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Silent Thoughts – Say goodbye to yesterday

18 Apr 2008 | Wisdom |  13 comments

English Translation
Let us say goodbye to yesterday with gratitude
and greet the new day with reverence

Original Mandarin Version

Deimos Analyzes – For Non-Bloggers
Deimos thinks that this particular silent thought is trying to imply that – time, once passed, can never turn back? Whatever has happened – be it a good thing or a bad thing, already happened and with the current technology, there is no way to travel back in time to alter the past.

Deimos Analyzes – For Bloggers
Deimos has no totally idea how to analyze this in a blogger’s point of view.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads today.

Deimos’s Thoughts
The algorithm for Alexa Traffic Ranking changed, the possibility of it reverting is quite close to zero, the best is to adapt and adjust oneself to the new changes. Deimos is not happy with this change, but there is little to be accomplished by dwelling on to the past. Time to move on.

Besides that, Deimos also pissed off a fellow Malaysian ex-EnterCarder Blogger. Deimos cannot understand the mindset of a certain individual – he committed an offense, yet he act like as if he is the victim that deserves attention and pity from everyone else.

He seems pretty hell bent on becoming an enemy of Deimos, as long as he is happy with his decision, there is very little Deimos can do about that.

Deimos Asks
The now very pissed off individual said that Deimos’s blog is the “most stupid blog” that he has ever seen in his life, plus “the design is shit, the font is ugly” and finally he finds Deimos’s “smileys are annoying” so therefore, Deimos would like know what do you think?

1. Is Deimos’s blog the most stupid blog?
2. Is Deimos’s blog design is shit?
3. Is Deimos’s blog font ugly?
4. Is Deimos’s blog smileys annoying?
5. Is Deimos’s blog really that bad?


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  1. 18th April 2008 
    4:06 am         

    said the following:

    😕 I was a bit happy with the new Alexa ranking. heheh. Before, some of my colleagues in Entrecard were way ahead than me and now it seems like I’m doing a bit better than them 😀 heheh.

    If your blog is stupid, just remember that mine is more stupid 🙄 heheh nothing can beat my blog in the stupid department. Heheh. Don’t get rid of the smileys.. They’re cute!

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  3. 18th April 2008 
    8:37 am         

    said the following:

    From a bloggers/blog point of view? Simple. Forget about how many views/clicks/or whatever traffic you get for yesterday, and look forward to today’s traffic or something like that… 😉

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  5. 18th April 2008 
    11:12 am         

    yung .
    said the following:

    deimos, I am interested in downloading some flash games from the net like what you did for the “The Last Stand”. Can you recommend me any sites or program that can do so? Thanks in advance 🙂

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  7. 18th April 2008 
    11:14 am         

    said the following:

    I think Diemos’s blog is fine and the other blogger is just not a very nice person. I know Diemos is kind and enjoy reading his thoughts and I don’t mind smileys. This blogger will not last long so pay no mind 🙂 I didn’t see the Alexa change – I’ll have to check it out, thanks!

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  9. 18th April 2008 
    2:14 pm         

    said the following:

    Your blog is pretty good, and i love those little smilies! 🙂

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  11. 18th April 2008 
    3:47 pm         

    said the following:

    About the Alexa change, well, I suspect must have something to do with Entrecard? maybe?

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  13. 18th April 2008 
    8:24 pm         

    said the following:

    Your blog is great bro, just forget about that guy you’re talking about and continue posting great post 😎

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  15. 19th April 2008 
    1:42 am         

    Life on Mars
    said the following:

    Good article but sad to find ur alexa ranking sinks dramatically. 😡

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  17. 19th April 2008 
    9:28 am         

    Marcus Hochstadt
    said the following:

    1. Is Deimos’s blog the most stupid blog?

    Not that I knew…

    2. Is Deimos’s blog design shit?

    Nope, at least not for me.

    3. Is Deimos’s blog font ugly?

    Although for blogging I prefer the one I use on my blog, I personally like the one you use, too.

    4. Is Deimos’s blog smileys annoying?

    Hmm… I personally find them a bit funny, perhaps good for the younger crowd, but I also think they fit to you? 😉

    5. Is Deimos’s blog really that bad?

    I find Deimos’ blog really that good.

    Deimos, we both know that, in Buddhism, it is a smart move to wish only good things for others. It may be hard at times, but principally, what we wish for others comes, somehow, back to ourselves.

    Also, some people’s view may be nebulized at times, so we with our wisdom are here to help them to see clearly again.

    Besides, your introductory quote reflects that perfectly…

    “Let us say goodbye to yesterday with gratitude
    and greet the new day with reverence”


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  19. 19th April 2008 
    5:46 pm         

    said the following:

    I think Deimos’ blog is excellent. Deimos is also one of the most helpful bloggers I’ve ever met (being a ‘noob’ is tough sometimes). And as for the smileys–is there really a better way to express yourself? 😎

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  21. 19th April 2008 
    10:03 pm         

    said the following:


    1. Is Deimos’s blog the most stupid blog?
    – yes it is.
    2. Is Deimos’s blog design is shit?
    – yes it is.
    3. Is Deimos’s blog font ugly?
    – very ugly, I have to wear sunglasses
    4. Is Deimos’s blog smileys annoying?
    – ughh..I pressed ALT + F4 when I see smileys
    5. Is Deimos’s blog really that bad?
    – VERY MUCH!

    Yet I keep coming back 😀
    Do what you want to do. If it brings you happiness, by all means, pursue it!

    To be honest, I dont really mind the design. As long as the content is good, I’ll read.

    PS: April Fool should last a month, dont you think?

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  23. 21st April 2008 
    3:00 am         

    Life on Mars
    said the following:

    Hmmm, the article is full of philosophy, I like it! 😛

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  25. 21st April 2008 
    11:38 am         

    said the following:

    haha, no way !! everyone does present or blog in their own way, which makes it more interesting !! can’t imagine everyone blogging in the same style. haha !!