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Silent Thoughts – Mind Peaceful, Centered and Still

15 Mar 2008 | Wisdom |  9 comments

Silent Thoughts

English Translation
When the mind is peaceful
centered, and still, we will be able
to see things clearly and discern right from wrong.
Then we shall know what to do and what not to do.

Original Mandarin Version

Deimos Analyzes
I think this one is plain simple and easy to interpret – Blog with a clear mind. Let us see some imaginative scenarios in case a blogger decides to blog otherwise.

1. Peter pissed off Jane
2. A furious Jane full of rage blogs about Peter negatively
3. Peter notices and retaliates back
4. Blog battles continues
5. Regular readers of both blogs not impressed by their antics
6. Some unsubscribed, some stopped reading all together

Of course, die hard fanatical loyal fans of Peter and Jane would still stand by them, but what would newcomers think of the 2 of them who are engaged in some senseless bickering in the Cyberspace? Then again, there are some readers who enjoy rage posts.

It would depends on what kind of readers a blogger would want to cater for, as it is quite impossible to satisfy everyone. Though I still believe that it would be better to be a calm blogger than a rage blogger, this is just me I guess.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
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Deimos’s Thoughts
In the past, I have known to post on forums while under the influence of alcohol and when I think back of it now, it was kinda stupid. The forum posts produced during those state of mind can be totally absurd and downright stupid at times.

Now that I am running my own blog here, must not let that kind of thing happen to my blog. Luckily, nowadays I do not drink that much liquor as compared to last time.

Deimos Asks
So, do you blog with a peaceful, clear and centered mind?


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  1. 15th March 2008 
    1:24 pm         

    durano lawayan
    said the following:

    HI AhKong,

    I am 30 years older than you are but I can relate very well with people your age or even younger. That’s because I have an eldest daughter who is 32, and a youngest child at 18. Between them are 6 others. 🙂

    My children (Can’t call them kids anymore)are into all sorts of gadgets and games; somewhere along 2006-07, I lost track when I started blogging, but we still do play Mortal Kombat and other sports games.

    I was intrigued by your name and I used to wonder why you painted your avatar all velvet. I first saw you on Reward Rebel’s comment box and opened your page once or twice, promising myself to stop by and read about this mysterious looking blogger and his campaign for a sick or dying Entrecard member. I believe I have also dropped my card on your site a number of times.

    You’re selling a Nokia and a housing loan at 5.9% per annum for 30 years. Both would be a good buy but I’m not in Malaysia and I have 2 cell phones already. 🙂

    This post about having a peaceful mind is good. What it really does is it creates balance and harmony within you.

    It’s like water in a stream, when you shake the water,mud and sand mix with the liquid such that it blurs the water.

    But when you’re at peace, the toxins of hostile emotions are in perfect balance at the bottom, and the top where the mind is, becomes crystal clear – enabling you to discern and evaluate deeply and incisively.

    The world is full of hate and rage brought about by Social, cultural, political, structural and religious intolerance.

    The idea is to keep your balance and harmony so you can deal better with the opportunities and negatives that life throws at you now and then.

    Besides, being affected by blog comments and writing in rage may have drawbacks, like some right wing conservatives in the US who would all band together to crash your site if they dislike what you say; or responded negatively to a comment of one of their own – even if they write disrespectfully and rudely – using vulgar terms.

    Take care. Yours is a nice site, wholesome and helpful, even if it is used for commerce – it has lots of value added and goodwill gained. Congratulations! –Durano, done!

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  3. 15th March 2008 
    4:04 pm         

    said the following:

    I just wished those politicians can come and read this blog post, so they can clear their mind of the shocking 12th Malaysian General Election!

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  5. 15th March 2008 
    7:31 pm         

    said the following:

    As of this time I’m writing, Perak still have no MB ❗ maybe they should read this 😆

    Q: Do you blog with a peaceful, clear and centered mind?
    Sometime, when there is no rushing for studies and assignments, but when they both come, I feel like want to throw away my laptop, but if I do so, I can’t do both my assignment and blogging 😛

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  7. 15th March 2008 
    9:54 pm         

    Geek Riddles
    said the following:

    Mind stand still. Inspiration come. Wisdom prevail.

    I think it takes time and focused effort to develop a clear mind. And when the mind is troubled, it is in some sort of vicious circle, like a hurricane that it can’t get out of. A troubled mind cannot fancy what a clear mind means, that’s why it’s so difficult to clear one’s mind, when troubled with troubles. It’s almost hopeless, as I see it.

    The peace and stillness of mind should be sought inside, that’s what troubled minds don’t understand, and they focus on external troubles instead of internal peace.

    Peace, Love and Prosperity!

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  9. 16th March 2008 
    4:12 pm         

    Mark Carter
    said the following:

    😐 A very informative post, our minds sometimes go into hyperdrive because of the pace of modern life and flit from one negative thought to another. I practice meditation and find that it keeps me grounded and puts me in touch with a pure part of myself that is separate from my mind. Well worth practising daily just to keep you centered.

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  11. 16th March 2008 
    5:36 pm         

    Geek Riddles
    said the following:

    @Mark: True, daily meditation is one of the easiest ways to achieve peace of mind and eliminate all stress. I try to practice it daily too though I don’t always succeed.

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  13. 16th March 2008 
    11:10 pm         

    said the following:

    I wonder if it’s even possible for some people to clear their minds, as their minds might be so messed up, clearing is out of the question.

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  15. 18th March 2008 
    3:02 pm         

    Shanker Bakshi
    said the following:

    good post, example of Peter and Jane are quite interesting, one thing, how could once mind would be in peace if you will post that kind of picture with these such nice thoughts. By the way you are the second dranken blogger i found on internet, first one is of Site Hoppin, would youn like to pair together diemos

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  17. 30th April 2008 
    1:32 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @durano lawayan:
    Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


    I think their mind is already beyond redemption. 😯


    Don’t kill your laptop! 😕


    @Geek Riddler:
    Well, that is why we are still mortals, still trying to tame our minds. 😎


    @Mark Carter:
    I have yet to practice meditation on a daily basics. 😐
    24 hours a day is not enough to use! 😯


    @Geek Riddler:
    Meditation really that good ah? Really worth spending that much time daily? 💡


    I believe that is very possible that their minds are too messed up to be cleared. 😮


    @Shanker Bakshi:
    Those pictures? Oh, it is a little challenge for the mind to overcome. 😳