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CIMB Gang ~ Genting Trip

20 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on CIMB Gang ~ Genting Trip

20 October 2007, Saturday

Morning – Went to Dentist around 8:30am, waited until 9.0am before we got started, it was around 11.00am when we are finished there, it appeared that I have 7 teeth that needs to be “fixed”, i.e. require “filling”. Anyway, while we were there, Datin told us about this “Toast Masters International”, something like a society for public speaking thingies. Sounds interesting, they hold fortnightly gatherings inside the IEM building on every alternate Thursdays.

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3 useful sites…

19 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on 3 useful sites…




Came across these sites while looking for html tutorials, some useful articles to refer to.

Meeting Day Thursday

19 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Meeting Day Thursday

18 October 2007, Thursday

Morning – Discussed with Dad about the lawyer’s letter, after a short round of discussion we decided to further discuss it with Mr. Tam when he arrives later. Ah Wa came in around 10am something with a painter and worked on the room at the back, a while later he proceed to discuss with Dad about the Ipoh steel factory issue. I sat in and listened to what they have to talk about, 3 gu called in halfway through the discussion, I answered the call, she asked about if Dad is busy or not, I told her Dad is having a discussion with Ah Wa about the steel factory. Also told her that I am sitting in the discussion, she sounded a bit weird, as if she cried or something, must be my imagination.

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Discussion with brother about newteque.com

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  1 comment

17 October 2007, Wednesday

Late evening – Around 11:30pm, just finished chatting with bro about our drafted web site http://newteque.com/

He gave me a few web sites of Aussie developers to refer to:




Also mentioned to use CSS, <div> tag, layers etc. Recommended me to use Dreamweaver or NVU. Must read up some tutorials then get started to revamp the site.

A visit from Cousin bro ……

17 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on A visit from Cousin bro ……

17 October 2007, Wednesday

Morning – About 10 am something, my cousin brother – Ng Kim Aik came to our office. He had some application that needs to be signed by my Dad, after that they proceed to discuss on the reinforced concrete panel design for APARTMEN IMPIAN.

Afternoon – We had lunch together, Kim Aik, How Li, Fai and me. Talked about work and experience, nice lunch outing. Further conversation with cousin bro revealed that his old back pain problem struck again, luckily his mum (My Da gu) helped him out by massaging the correct area, using a chopstick. We came back to the office around 1pm and they (Dad and Kim Aik) continued with their discussion on the panel design.

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Oh my Sapphire Ring, no more ……

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  1 comment

17 October 2007, Wednesday

There is this Chinese saying that goes like this : “Trouble does not travel alone” and I must agree that this statement is quite true to some extent, especially if we are unable to manage our fiery emotions and snapped, even if we are alone, damage could still be done.

For example, my darling blew a fuse (She got pissed off at me again because I failed to act within time, i.e. I have yet to move after a few seconds after she told me to do something.) this morning. I was not happy, because I believe I did not did anything wrong, but I received shit treatment from her. I banged the car window again, miraculously the window did not break. Shortly after that, when I feel my finger for the sapphire ring as usual, it felt odd, and so I take a good look at it, oh great, the sapphire stone is gone.

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Back Pain!

17 Oct 2007 | Personal |  Comments Off on Back Pain!

17 October 2007, Tuesday

I think it is becoming serious, my back pain, duh!

This morning, I was lying down on the floor in our bedroom waiting for my darling to come out of the toilet so we can go to work. Darling came out, told me to search her bag. I tried to get up, but the back pain caused some complications. Darling thought I was trying to be funny and she got pissed off and scolded me. Being a short fuse she is, she blew up momentarily, no thanks to me adding flame to the heated situation. (I told her to walk to office, but I picked her up anyway.)

Now, whenever I bend down, my back aches, this is serious, shit! Too much gaming on the floor, I need to stop that. Perhaps it is time to relocated my computer again, definitely to higher ground! Duh!

How am I to rectify this problem? Perhaps I can start by spending more time lying down on the CERAGEM machine and no more sitting down on the floor to play games, duh!

Oh my back! Must save it! Arghh! Better rectify this back problem before darling finds out, she will murder me if she finds out, totally. No doubt about that.

Master Guo again ……

16 Oct 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Master Guo again ……

16 October 2007, Tuesday

Morning – Master Guo came again, this time I sat in Dad’s room and listened to what he said. From what I have gathered so far, it appears that Master Guo is collecting about RM105 per month from Dad for several months already. As Master Lim mentioned before that if the sum is not that big, then might as well let it be. Would consult with Master Lim again regarding this matter.

Afternoon – Lunch, tried out the Prawn Mee stall this time, the soup ain’t that special, probably would not try it again. Mister Tam was in the office when we (Me and How Li) came back, we chatted for a while and he slightly briefed me about the history of our project “APARTMEN IMPIAN”.

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